Irresponsible teenagers. Prostitutes. Druggies. Women who take the easy way out. Women who do not love their children or want to be parents. The list goes on. All of these harmful labels and others have been used to describe the women who place their baby for adoption. Many more have created myths about birth mothers that have been passed down through generations. Yet, the existing blanket statements do not paint an accurate picture and are, in essence, just that. Blanket statements. Widespread fiction masquerading as the truth.

So, then, who are they really? Who are the women behind the term, “birth mother”? The short answer is — anyone. That’s right. Any pregnant woman is able to place her baby for adoption. You may even have a friend or family member who placed their baby for adoption and you were not even aware of it.

The following information is meant for informational and educational purposes only. It is a non-exhaustive resource. If there are other circumstances you believe qualify, please let us know in the comments below.

Women Experiencing Unplanned Pregnancies

One of the most common assumptions about birth mothers is that they are all teenagers who had an unplanned pregnancy. Yet, this is simply not true. Adoption Choices of Colorado sees a wide age range when it comes to the women who place their baby for adoption. We have helped young women in their teens to adult women over forty years of age.

The truth is, unplanned pregnancies can affect any woman of childbearing age. Married women, single women — unplanned pregnancies do not discriminate. Any woman who experiences these has the option to choose adoption for her baby.

Women Parenting Other Children

Along those same lines, women who place their baby for adoption can also be parenting other children. As surprising as it may seem, many birth mothers are already raising children in a healthy, stable and loving environment. Due to extenuating circumstances, however, she is unable to adequately provide for another child. She may choose to make a plan for adoption because she loves her baby and wants him or her to have their best chance at a stable life.

Many times, depending on the adoption plan made between the birth mother and adoptive family, the siblings are able to maintain contact with each other as they grow up.

Women Facing Financial Challenges

An unplanned pregnancy can lead to financial challenges for an expectant mother, and result in anxiety and stress. Making an adoption plan for her baby ensures that the child will be raised in a financially stable home and that all of his/her needs will be met.

Women Struggling with Addiction

Women who place their baby for adoption can indeed be struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

If an expectant mother does not believe she can safely raise a child because of her current situation, adoption can be a positive option. By choosing adoption for her child, she acknowledges and understands that her baby will have a healthier and happier life with a stable and loving family, who can provide for his/her needs.

Women who Place their Baby for Adoption

Women who place their baby for adoption endure all of the changes that pregnancy brings to their bodies.  They go through the pain and uncertainty of childbirth knowing that they will not be raising their child.  They will spend the rest of their lives missing their child, even if they have an open adoption. The experience of grieving is inevitable and they will be forever changed. We strongly wish to honor and support the women we work with, before, during, and after the birth and placement of their child.

Adoption Choices of Colorado

Adoption Choices, Inc. is a private, non-profit adoption agency licensed by the state and leader in the adoption community. We have been assisting birth parents, children, and adoptive parents in Colorado since 2002. Our staff has a genuine commitment to providing an empathetic, empowering, and progressive experience to all involved in the adoption process. For more information on adoption please contact Adoption Choices of Colorado. We can be reached via our website or phone 303-670-4401.

Support Adoption Choices

CrowdriseAdoption Choices, Inc. is partnering with Crowdrise, a fundraising website for nonprofits, to help our adoptive parents and birth parents with much needed financial assistance. We understand that expenses keep clients from fulfilling their dreams. Both with birth parents making a plan for adoption, and with adoptive parents growing their family. It is our mission to provide financial assistance through grants and scholarships, awarded annually in November, in honor of National Adoption Month. Funds assist adoptive parents with matching and placements, adoption finalization and helping birth mothers improve their lives through higher education — and much more.

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