Will I Regret Giving Up My Baby in Colorado Adoption 

By Lindsay Parkoo

No birth mother wants to live with regrets, especially when going through the adoption process. After learning of your unexpected or unplanned pregnancy, you want to make sure you are making the right choices. You’ll want to know that you’re preparing as much as possible. After all, being fully informed means you’ll be in the utmost control of your decisions. So, it’s understandable to be cautious if you plan to give up your child for adoption. What you should know is that most women find that they don’t regret adoption. But in the case that you’re worried about feeling regret, we’ll look at some of the reasons. Then we’ll show you how your agency can help build your confidence to prepare for them. 

First, let’s go over why most women find adoption beneficial and don’t regret it. 

Firstly, adoption lets them take control of their lives and decisions. Some women aren’t prepared or stable enough to be single parent if they would have to be. That struggle often is not good for them or their child, and adoption can help avoid that. While your child is in there loving you, you get the opportunity to work on yourself. This can give you the needed time to do the things you need to do to improve your circumstances. Even then, maintaining a relationship with your child is still possible, so you don’t even have to lose that connection. 

Secondly, they’re giving themselves and their child a chance at a better life. Your child will get a loving family and a life that will help them grow. Both of you will be able to pursue goals and dreams without any hindrance. 

Lastly, you’re giving another couple a chance to grow their family and give their love and support. That family will be able to give your baby the care that they deserve even if you’re not ready to. What’s more, you have a chance to connect with that family as well.  

Now, we’ll investigate why some women might feel regret about giving their baby up for adoption. 

For one, the stigma associated with adoption can be harsh toward women. There is sometimes judgment towards women who look into how to give the baby up for adoption. A lot of people view it as “giving up,” even when that is further from the truth. That can be very discouraging for birth mothers. However, it’s important to remember these sentiments don’t reflect you at all. 

Then, the emotional pain that birth mothers sometimes go through makes it tough to go through the process. Carrying a baby for nine months will form some kind of attachment that can be hard to part with. Many birth mothers fear that sorrow or pain can come up. That can lead to a fear of regret and remorse. 

Though these reasons seem discouraging, there are ways to mitigate them. So, let’s list some ways your agency can help build your confidence in your choices.

Remind Yourself that Adoption is an Act of Love 

As mentioned before, some think that women who choose adoption don’t care about their children. However, choosing adoption means you care about the happiness and health of your child. It means you want them to be in a home that provides for them even if that’s not with you. Choosing adoption for your baby is an act of selfless love. Remind yourself of the valid reasons for why you’re searching how to give your baby up for adoption. After all, no one knows you better than yourself. Having that trust in yourself and your reasoning won’t lead you to feel regret. 

Give Yourself Time to Grieve Through the Adoption Process

This tip is regarding the note about how adoption can be tough emotionally. That connection you have with your child can make it feel like you’re not making the right decision. However, be assured this feeling is natural, and you will heal from it. After all, there’s a system of birth mothers that are going through the same thing. That solidarity can help you feel less alone in this process. Let yourself feel that grief for as long as you need. Sometimes opening the adoption can also help null that emotional turmoil. You can let your adoption counselor help you implement that into your adoption plan

Get Counseling Help from Your Adoption Agency

Adoption agencies in Colorado have specialists that have experienced so much during the adoption. Many intimately know how birth mothers feel and the hardships they go through. Therefore, your Colorado adoption agency is well-equipped to provide advice. They also have resources to build your confidence when going through the adoption process. Things such as therapy and specific counseling from your agency can help you along your healing journey. 

Boost Your Confidence in Adoption with Adoption Choices of Colorado

As we said before, no one wants to live with regrets, and birth mothers going through adoption are no exception. By following these tips and reaching out to organizations like Adoption Choices of Colorado, you’ll get through it. Search adoption Colorado Springs and get in touch with an agency that will advocate for you.

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