Why Transracial Adoptions Should be Encouraged

Picture this, you’re a single woman who just learned that she has an unplanned pregnancy! You might feel a little lost or don’t know what to do. And that’s when you might have discovered adoption as an option! There are a lot of benefits when choosing to give your child to an adoptive family, and perhaps the biggest one is allowing a family to grow by introducing another child into their family unit. However, you might discover that not all families are part of the same racial background. That’s where transracial adoption comes into play. Transracial adoptions are an adoption option in which adoptive parents bring a child into their family who is not part of the same racial background as the adoptive family. Here’s an important thing to note! No matter what kind of family your child will be adopted into, your child will be well-taken care of and looked after. Adoption Choices of Colorado will do its best to ensure that your child ends up with a loving family, and there are many reasons why transracial adoptions should be embraced! In this article, we will be exploring some of those reasons and discover why transracial families can be some of the most accepting, open-minded families you might ever come across.

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Adoptive Families are Open-Minded 

This is a really big one! Because adoptive families are so culturally diverse, you will find them to be some of the most open-minded people on this planet. You will find adoptive parents are willing to explore the cultures of their children alongside their adopted child and, not to mention, share their own culture. As such, these children end up embracing both the culture of their background and the culture of their adoptive parents! In transracial adoptions, children learn the importance of diversity, embrace the differences that might exist between them and their peers, and form the open minds that their parents have.

Transracial Adoptions Break Down Racial Barriers 

Transracial families show Colorado and the rest of America that families can come in many different forms and still be very happy and loving. Oftentimes, you can see the effort and love adoptive parents take when raising children who are racially different from they are. Adoptive parents who form transracial families take their children to events and places where people share their children’s heritage. As such, these culturally different parents have often embraced the community their children belong to and are treated as members of said communities. You may find white parents attending Mexican festivities with their Latino child of African-American parents taking their Chinese child to a Chinese New Year Celebration! By doing so, these transracial families help break the various cultural barriers that exist within the United States and further the idea of the American melting pot.

Transracial Adoptions Help Create Diversity 

Diversity is a huge plus when it comes to transracial families. Families of different racial backgrounds come together to the same traditional and cultural events, and having people from different cultures come together in the same places creates a sense of community between people who might not have crossed paths before. As your child learns from the culture of their adoptive parents, the adoptive parents will learn from your culture. In many ways, your child will be teaching them new things that they did not know about beforehand, and the adoptive parents are helping end ignorance and racial hate by taking your child to places of their culture and of your culture.

Transracial Adoption is Vital for Colorado, Adoption Agencies, Birth Parents, and Adoptive Families

There are a lot of children out there who would love to have families, no matter if said families looked different from them or not. As such, transracial adoptions help fulfill the need many children must have: a family. Transracial families help end the stigma around Colorado adoption and are actually one component that keeps adoption alive! By participating in one, you are helping the view of adoption around Colorado and across the United States and helping adoptive parents build their own families. 

The Benefits of a Colorado Transracial Adoption are Outstanding! 

We all know Colorado is a state with a large mix of cultures, and one of the many things that can help bring all of these cultures together is having blended families share their different traditions with one another and their local community. If you have any questions regarding this process, don’t hesitate to contact Adoption Choices of Colorado! We are here to answer any questions you might have, and if you are currently going through the adoption process, feel free to contact your Colorado adoption agency or adoption specialist! 

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DannyMeet the Author: Danny Solorzano is a recent graduate of Dalton State College. He graduated cum laude and has the honor of being a published writer. He is active in his local community through his work in college and community theatre. He is currently pursuing a career in journalism and hopes to, one day, publish the first of many fictional novels he has written.


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