Why adoption still carries so much stigma?

By Anna Keller

Are you looking to customize an adoption plan because of an unplanned pregnancy? Are you unsure whether placing your baby for adoption is the right choice? Everyone’s circumstances are different. Only you can decide whether that choice is right for you and your baby. Although adoption has existed for a long time, there are, unfortunately, still some heavy stigmas attached to it. This negative outlook on adoption often prevents birth mothers from going through with it.  

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What will CO Adoption look like?  

Adoption Choices of Colorado is an agency that is dedicated to guiding pregnant women through their adoption process and figuring out which family to match their baby with. But beyond that, they offer counseling services during pregnancy, support during delivery, and care after your placement. Reasons for adoption vary from person to person, but ultimately, all reasons share something in common. The birth mother cannot provide for her child, so she finds someone who can in good faith. Private Adoption Colorado will help a birth mother with every obstacle she faces in her journey. However, despite all the support put in place to help women navigate the often challenging terrain of adoption in Colorado, stigma still is attached.  

Stigmas About Birth Mothers 

One common stigma is that mothers place their baby up for adoption because they do not love them. This could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, birth mothers love their unborn children so much that they sacrifice parenting for their children to have more fulfilling lives. Because birth mothers are unable to provide parental care themselves, they turn to an agency to help them find someone who can. Private Adoption Colorado will help them with that process.  

Another mostly untrue stigma is that after the adoption process is complete, birth mothers will never see or hear from their children again. This only rings true for closed adoptions, which are not very common. A far more popular route is open or semi-open adoption, which includes contact at all stages of the pregnancy and even after birth. The level of contact varies from family to family, but ultimately, you will not be ‘cut off’ from your child. Private Adoption Colorado agency ensures that you will select the level of communication with your family that is right for you.  

Another stigma about birth mothers is that they are all ‘emotionally unstable teenagers.’ Statistically, this is not true. Most women giving their children up for adoption are in their twenties, giving this choice plenty of thought.  

Stigmas About Adoptive Children  

One such stigma about adoption options is that an adopted child will never know they are adopted. It makes more sense for the family to tell the child at an early age they are adopted. This ensures that the child grows up, realizing it is normal. It also strengthens the connection between the parents and the child through honest communication. If a child is not told they are adopted until they are much older, this can negatively affect their relationship with their adoptive parents. That is why it is important for adoptive parents to be clear and honest with their child about where they come from.  

Another one is that adopted children are more emotionally ‘troubled’ than children who are not adopted. This is an easy myth to fall back on because it is convenient to use the excuse that a child is troubled because of a lack of stability at home. This actually shifts into a much larger issue concerning the stigma. However, statistically speaking, adopted children demonstrate no diversity from normal levels of well-being and self-esteem as opposed to non-adopted children.  

Stigmas About Adoptive Couples and Difficulty  

Another harmful stigma is that only the ‘ideal’ couple can adopt a child. Simply put, this is false. There is no such thing as the ‘ideal’ couple. You don’t have to be a couple at all. If you are single and can provide for a child, you have just as much of an opportunity as anybody else to adopt. You don’t even have to be young.  

Lastly, there is a stigma about adoption being too ‘difficult’ and not ‘worth it. While it is true that adoption is not an easy process. It doesn’t have to completely deplete you of all your emotional energy. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be a solo ride. Adoption agencies in Colorado such as this one are ready to help pair you with an ideal family for your child.  

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