Who are Intended Parents? 

Many women and men dream of having a family. Unfortunately, due to infertility or other health conditions, a lot of hopeful parents discover they are not able to conceive children naturally. This is a devastating revelation, but science and medicine offer other options to help intended parents fulfill their dreams. One such option is through gestational surrogacy. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is here to help outline who intended parents are and what gestational surrogacy can do for you.

Who are Intended Parents? 

Put simply, intended parents are either couples or individuals looking to have children through gestational surrogacy. Intended parents can have many different characteristics regarding their age, sexual orientation and health; but, above all, they all share one thing in common: they want to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Because intended parents have their own goals and needs for their families, there are many different types. 

Types of Intended Parents

Because intended parents have their own goals and needs for their families, there are many different types. Examples of  these different types include, but are not limited to: 

  • Same sex Parents 

Same-sex couples and individuals can seek out gestational surrogacy to have children of their own. This can be achieved when the intended parent uses their egg or sperm and another egg or sperm from a donor respectively, allowing the child to be biologically related to one parent. Same sex males can find a gestational carrier to help them carry their child to term, while same sex females can decide if they want to carry themselves or have a gestational carrier help.  Either way, gestational surrogacy is an excellent option LGBT intended parents have a family they wouldn’t otherwise be able to!

  • Single Parents

Single parents are another example of who intended parents can be. If a single male is looking to have a child, a gestational carrier can provide the opportunity of a lifetime. He can use his sperm and an egg from a donor. Single women who may have health risks that prevent them from carrying a child to term themselves can also use a gestational carrier to help them safely grow their family.  

  • Couples dealing with Infertility 

Infertility and other health risks associated with pregnancy is a huge factor in heterosexual couples seeking out gestational surrogacy. It’s unfortunately more common than we think, but that’s where gestational surrogacy steps in! With the help of a gestational carrier, and the IVF process, you still have the possibility of biologically related children. 

How can Intended Parents Benefit through Gestational Surrogacy?

Whether you are single, married or anything in between, Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is here to help you, as intended parents, realize what possibilities await you with gestational surrogacy. We understand that each and every type of intended parent is unique and special, and that you want to have the family you’ve always dreamed of. Gestational surrogacy can help you fulfill that dream. 

If you are interested in surrogacy and want to learn more about your options, contact Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Call us: 720-371-1099, Call or Text us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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