What is the Colorado Adoption Triad?

The definition of a traditional family has always been birth parents and their child, but a lot has changed in the past few decades. Nowadays the traditional family can expand to include adoptive parents. Your adoption family may look different than other birth mothers’, but each one has its own adoption triad.

Essentially, an adoption triad is a name for an adoption family. As the name suggests, an adoption triad consists of three groups of people in the adoption family. The first group being you, the birth mother, the second group being the adoptive parents, and the third group being your child. All three groups of people are immediate members of the adoption family.

The adoption triad is a term used in all three types of adoption. An adoption triad shows an equal relationship between all three groups of the adoption family. Think of the adoptive family as a triangle. That’s exactly what an adoption triad is. The child is at the top of this triangle connected to the birth mother and the adoptive parents who are also connected and have a relationship.

Groups of the Adoption Triad

You as the birth mother play a big part in the adoption triad. You are the whole reason for the adoption plan. Without you choosing adoption, an adoption triad would not be in the picture. No matter if you chose a closed adoption and identifying information may not be disclosed, you are still a huge part of the adoption triad even if you do not have a close bond with everyone in the adoption family.

You are the main reason why your child was placed up for adoption and now has a relationship with their adoptive parents. This entire process and adoption triad is because of you.

  • The Adoptive Parent(s)

The adoptive parents are the ones who adopt your child and take full custody of him or her. They will be the parent(s) for your child. They will forever have a connection and bond with your child through adoption. Although they are not the biological parents, they are legally your child’s caretakers and are bonded emotionally to your child.

  • Your Child

Your child is the most important part of the adoption triad. Your child will be raised by the adoptive parents and have that adoptive family to call their own. They are the main focus in the adoption, being at the top of the adoption triad triangle. Their bond with you and the adoptive parents is strong, especially in an open adoption where they can learn all about their biological family along with their adoptive family’s history.

Your Relationship with the Adoptive Parents

Even though you put your child up for adoption, you are still a part of the adoption family through an adoption triad. You can still be close to your child like they are to their adoptive parents. This being if you chose open or semi-open adoption and depending on the amount of contact everyone within the adoption agreed on.

No matter the circumstances that you placed your child up for adoption, having an open adoption may be the best option for you, especially when looking at it through the adoption triad. You can stay in your baby’s life from afar, alongside adoptive parents. You can even create a bond with the adoptive parents and have a close emotional relationship with them.

There is an equal connection between all people in the adoption triad. You can have as much of a connection to your child as the adoptive parents.

Your Adoption Relationship with Your Child

In an open adoption, you can have contact with the adoptive parents. This can be however much communication you and the adoptive parents negotiate. You can have an equal relationship with the adoptive parents as you have with your child. Even if you are not the parent to your child, you can be there through a lot with them. This can be through pictures, videos, phone calls, letters, and even the occasional visit. The relationship with your child can flourish the older they get and you can become very close to him or her even if you can’t be the one to parent them.

You can see your child grow up from afar and you can educate them on your family and where they came from. This is a great way to bond and become closer to your child emotionally.

Is an Adoption Triad What You Envision for Your Adoption Family?

An adoption triad symbolizes all the relationships with everyone in the adoption family. Your relationship with your child will be different than your relationship with the adoptive parents, but your bonds with all will be strong.

Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want you to understand all of your options and understand what your adoption may look like. Every adoption family looks different and we want you to understand what every aspect could look like for your adoption family. No matter what type of adoption you choose, you will be part of an adoption triad, even if no one’s identity is public to one another.

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