What is Semi-Open Adoption in Colorado?

As a birth mother, your preferences for you and your child are different from other birth mothers. You may love the idea of having communication between you, the adoptive parents, and your child, but you may not want a ton of it. Semi-open adoption might be the best choice for you.

Semi-open adoption is somewhere in the middle of open and closed adoption. Contact in a semi-open adoption is limited and may only be able to be through pictures, videos, phone calls, or letters. This can be negotiated with the adoptive parents, but it is all up to you in the end how much or how little communication you want.

In a semi-open adoption, contact is facilitated by our Colorado adoption agency. We use a confidential and secure online portal known as ChildConnect. Identifying information is limited, which may be of interest to you. This type of adoption has privacy like a closed adoption and communication like an open adoption. So, choosing semi-open adoption in Colorado could be the best of both worlds for what you are seeking for you and your child.

What Semi-Open Adoption in Colorado Means for You, the Birth Mother

For you as a birth mother, you get to decide how much communication you have between everyone in the adoption process. The types of communications you can have in a semi-open adoption are through pictures, videos, phone calls, or letters directly from the adoptive parents. You may also be able to visit the adoptive family, if this is something you both want.

You may not be able to parent your child, but you can still be in his or her life. You can see your child happy in a healthy family home in a semi-open adoption. This may help you heal from the adoption process and pregnancy.

What Semi-Open Adoption in Colorado Means for the Adoptive Parents

Semi-open adoption allows adoptive parents to be able to tell your child about you, the birth mother. Although identifying information is limited, the adoptive parents are still able to tell your child that he or she was adopted.

In a semi-open adoption, you and the adoptive parents can negotiate with you on what kind of communication each party wants. With this communication, if an illness or allergy arises in your child, the adoptive parents can ask you about past family illnesses or allergies to see if it is biological. The adoptive parents can also ask you for medical history to be ready for any possible illnesses or allergies. This could be very important to all parties throughout the adoption process in Colorado.

What Semi-Open Adoption in Colorado Means for the Child

Your child may be curious about his or her birth mother and, in semi-open adoption, they will get to communicate with you. This can be through written letters or messages once he or she learns to read and write, or even phone calls if you both feel comfortable. Although your child is in a healthy environment, he or she may be curious as to who their birth mother is and have tons of questions.

He or she may also be curious about their biological family history. Having a semi-open adoption will allow your child to learn about his or her family and find out cool facts about past relatives, if you are comfortable disclosing this information. Learning about their family history can help them connect to his or her self better.

Is Semi-Open Adoption in Colorado the Best Choice for You?

At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we are here to help you understand what each type of adoption entails. We want you to choose the best type of adoption for you and your child. The best way to do this is through researching and learning all you can about the three different types of adoption. In doing this, and educating yourself on all your adoption options, you can determine the right one for you and your child.

If you are seeking an adoption in Colorado, where you can still be in your child’s life from a distance, but don’t want too much communication with the adoptive parents, semi-open adoption may be the best choice for you.

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