What is National Adoption Month?

By: Mohammed Ahmad

National Adoption Month is one of the greatest times of the year to celebrate the beauty of adoptions. The month of November celebrates the adoption of children throughout the country. It is a great month to reflect and emphasize the importance of why the adoption process is beneficial. Adoption is one of the greatest blessings you can give a child. Not only has adoption benefited thousands of children, it has also benefited adoptive parents. Many parents have struggled with infertility. Adoption has given them the opportunity to create the family of their dreams. Adoption has also benefited same-sex couples who strive for a family. Throughout the country, there are approximately 400,000 children in foster care. There are also over 100,000 children waiting to find their forever families. 

The idea of National Adoption Month was morphed in the state of Massachusetts in 1976. The purpose was to bring attention to adoption services and how critical adoption is for children. Mike Dukakis, the governor of Massachusetts at the time, initiated National Adoption Month. There is an increasing number of children in foster care. Throughout the seventies, this increased exponentially. Dukakis created a national adoption month to bring attention to child adoption. Ensuring a bright future for children is a topic everyone should be interested in. It is important that we are constantly advocating for the care, protection, and sense of belonging of children. There are many reputable adoption agencies in Colorado. One example is Adoption Choices of Colorado. Our mission through this month is to celebrate adoption in many families across America. It celebrates their growth and their commitment to childcare and creating stable home lives. Through this article, we will discuss the benefits of adoption and ways you can celebrate this compelling month. 

The Top Benefits of Adoption 

Adoption allows parents to create a family. There are many hardships couples may endure, such as infertility. Infertility prevents heterosexual couples from having children. Many couples dream of having children, and adoption gives them the ability to have a child. It may be a tough decision, and couples may take the time to think about the best option. In the end, it is proven to benefit families and provide a home and stable future for a child. 

Another benefit of adoption is that it helps same-sex couples create a family. Their options for having children are limited. There are thousands of children in need of homes, and it is hard to believe the controversy surrounding same-sex adoption. It has also been proven that adoption has created stable relationships. You are benefiting both the parents and the adopted child. 

The most important benefit is giving a home to a child. Children need homes and loving parents. It creates positive emotional feelings for the children, giving them a sense of belonging and security. Children seek unconditional love and care. The love a parent gives to their child is like no other. 

Often, you, the birth mother, maybe forgotten throughout the process, but you are the most critical part. Adoption provides many birth mothers with security and happiness, knowing your child is in a loving home. Birth mothers have endured multiple troubling circumstances, such as an unplanned pregnancy. Choosing to give up your child for adoption is not an easy decision. Knowing that your child is going to a loving home provides a great sense of comfort. As a birth mother, you are not only benefiting yourself and the child. You are helping the adoptive parents as well. Colorado Adoption ensures the comfort of both parties. 

Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

There are many ways you can celebrate National Adoption Month. One way is to read up on many sources and understand how to give a baby up for adoption. This ensures a great understanding of the adoption process and what you may go through. It helps educate you and adoptive parents about the adoption process in Colorado and what it entails. Adoption agencies in Colorado can provide you with great resources. 

Another great way to celebrate National Adoption Month is to share information with your family and friends. You may have other people in your life who are interested in the adoption process. They may also be considering placing their child for adoption. This can also help them understand the process and decide whether it is the best decision. 

Donating can also be a beneficial and great way to celebrate. It helps adoption agencies place children in homes and acquire the necessary needs. By donating, you are putting action and support toward the children of America. You are benefiting thousands of children and families. It is great to know where your money is going and that it is directly supporting children who need it. 

More Information on National Adoption Month 

Volunteer work for adoption agencies or foster care organizations can also be a prime example of celebration. You are committing hard work and your time to benefiting the foster care system and children waiting for homes. 

These are all great ways to fully embrace this month. It may give you more clarity as a birth parent considering placing your baby up for adoption. Donate, volunteer, and share these resources with your family and friends. Check out adoption agencies in Colorado today and learn about the profound work we do for children across the country!


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