What Is Gotcha Day?

Gotcha Day is the day that a family adopts a child into their lives. This day means “Gotcha” as in you have joined our family and you are now “one of us”. It’s also sometimes known as Homecoming Day, Family Day, or Adoption Day which reminds the child of how they were brought into their family’s lives. Yet it reminds them that they are still one of their family and that will never change.

International Gotcha Day was founded on September 15th, 2005 via a book called “The Pumpkin Patch”. The day is to help adoptive families commemorate the day their new family member was born as it is extremely rare for adoptive families to be allowed to be present during the birth of their adopted child. “Gotcha Day” allows the family to celebrate the adoption of their child and for the child to feel that they are physically joining a new family for a new life which is full of hopes, dreams, and promises.

How Should I Celebrate Gotcha Day With My Child?

Gotcha Day can be celebrated in many ways and depending on the family it will be celebrated differently. The following are some ideas that are awesome ways to celebrate Gotcha Day with your child:

  • Give Gifts: Gifts that are often given during celebrations of Gotcha Day are sentimental in value and remind the child of their adoption and how important they are to the family who adopted them. Memories can be captured in a variety of ways including through photos or other memorabilia such as t-shirts, jewelry, or other souvenirs that help the child remember their adoption into the family and how grateful their family members are for having been able to bring that child into their lives.
  • Eating a Gotcha Day Cake: Many Gotcha Days celebrate by having a cake that is decorated to commemorate the day the child was adopted into their adoptive family. Gotcha Cakes can include one candle for each year since the child has been adopted into the family. Allow the child to blow the candles out with a wish for a celebration. Once the candles are blown out, everyone can enjoy a sweet treat together as a family. This is a great way to remember the day that the adopted child was brought into your lives and how blessed everyone in the family is to call each other “family” forever.
  • Have a Gotcha Day Dinner: Gathering family and friends together can help commemorate the day that the child was adopted and brought into the family. Enjoying a the child’s favorite meal or restaurant can be a great way for family and friends alike to celebrate the child and the bonding of the family.

No matter how you celebrate Gotcha Day remember that the idea is to make the child feel like an important part of the family. Gotcha Day can help the child identify understand their past as well as their adoptive family. It helps create memories that will last a lifetime and reminds the child how much their adoptive family loves them. Show your adopted child that they are “one of the family” and even though they aren’t related by blood, they are related by love.

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