What is Domestic Adoption?

By: Kara Bringewatt

While international adoption, including those by celebrities, have been sensationalized in the media, most adoptions are domestic adoptions. Or, in other words, US-born infants being placed with US families. The domestic adoption process allows you, as a birth mother, to choose your child’s adoptive parents and legally release them into the care of new guardians. You’ll need to reach out to local adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado for a domestic adoption.

The legal process of domestic adoption includes background checks, placements, formal documents and a written adoption plan, all of which Adoption Choices of Colorado can assist you with. Our agency specializes in working on domestic infant adoptions. Adoption Choices of Colorado is one of many local adoption agencies that can help with domestic adoption.

Who Can Adopt Domestically?

Adoption Choices provides you with profiles of pre-approved adoptive parents. We do not exclude based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We also welcome single potential adoptive parents. You will get the chance to look through candidates and choose your child’s adoptive parent(s) yourself. One of our case workers will work closely with you to identify the best option for your child. 

Domestic Adoption Types

Firstly, there are 3 kinds of adoption. The first is a closed adoption, which provides you with complete anonymity. Your child and their adoptive parents will have no information or way to contact you. Second, you may choose to go with a semi-open adoption. This allows you to receive anonymous updates through our third-party portal so you can hear how your child is doing without sacrificing your privacy. 

The third and final option available to you is an open adoption. Most domestic adoptions are currently open adoptions. Open adoption plans allow you to visit and receive updates and contact from your child and their adopted family as agreed upon in your contract.

Domestic Adoption Expenses at a Local Adoption Agency

We are here to support you during this time. We offer free counseling services both to you and any birth fathers or family supporting you during this time. This free service allows you to process your thoughts and feelings around facing an unplanned pregnancy and/or the adoption process. Furthermore, Adoption Choices of Colorado can assist you in getting court-granted funds for food, rent, medical visits, and other bills/expenses.

Domestic Adoption Next Steps

If you are interested in placing your baby for domestic adoption, please contact us. We continue to serve you, offering our full services at this time while remaining mindful of necessary COVID precautions. Our staff will help you get the education and resources you need to determine the right choices for you, and our case managers will work with you to choose the adoptive parents you desire for your child. We will also assist you in completing all the legal paperwork, and in creating a formal adoption plan that best meets your desires around privacy and contact with your child and their adoptive family..

Domestic Adoption Post-Placement

It is natural to have lots of emotions and thoughts after placing your child for adoption. We offer support groups and free counseling for birth mothers to help support you throughout your natural grieving process. Open and semi-open adoption plans can be great choices if updates and contact letting you know that your child is happy and healthy would be reassuring to you during this time. If you desire complete confidentiality, then a closed adoption plan will help you take the time and space you need to take care of yourself during this time. 

Domestic Adoption in Colorado Local Adoption Agencies

Domestic adoption is a wonderful option for birth mothers. Taking the next steps to create an adoption plan that feels best to you is so empowering. You are incredibly brave and compassionate to be placing your child into a loving home that can give them the best life possible. We are one of the best local adoption agencies here to help you get the information and support you need to place your child for domestic infant adoption.

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