What if I Don’t Want Any Support Through the Adoption Process? 

By Talia Washington

Support, whether it be financial, emotional, medical, or transportation, is optional and completely free for birth mothers. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado wants our birth mothers stress-free before, during, and post-adoption. Programs, including housing, financial, medical, and mental health counseling, are available for women post-adoption. 

Assistance from the adoption agency can used alongside a strong support system or the primary source of support. Adoption Choices of Colorado understands that birth families may refuse support from the adoption agency for many reasons. 

So what if you don’t want support after the adoption process?

Am I Required to Accept Post-Adoption Support?

Dealing with unplanned pregnancy, adoption processes, and trial hearings is not easy for any party involved. The stress of the process alone could be draining, without the mention of stresses afterward. Some birth mothers are without support systems, so being the sole provider and out of work could be devastating. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado understands assistance programs are placed to ensure the mental, physical, and financial stability of birth mothers. Our only goal is to ensure the comfort of the birth mother after braving the adoption process. Counseling is offered to birth mothers as a healthy coping mechanism but is not required. 

Adoption agencies in Colorado will never force, coerce, or badger anyone to accept post-adoption support. 

Why Birth Mothers in Colorado Decline or Accept Financial Assistance

The conclusion of the adoption process means birth mothers adjusting and healing post-adoption. This process usually puts women out of work, leaving some without a stable income. Lack of income and necessities are where Colorado adoption agencies are more than happy to help. The financial assistance programs are for mothers in need of food, shelter, or general aid. 

Birth mothers with open adoption may have the support of the adoptive family based on their ideal plan. Women with support systems and stable finances are more likely to opt out of monetary assistance. Other women may refuse support to show concern for birth mothers in ‘worse’ conditions. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado support programs supply aid to help all birth mothers. The resources are for birth mothers, so never feel guilty for needing help after such a daunting adoption process. You will never be forced to accept financial assistance, and it’s thoughtful to consider limited resources for adoption in Colorado.

Adoption Choices of Colorado encourages financial assistance for birth mothers but are never pressured into accepting or denying. Even if you initially refused, you can always reach out and request resources. 

Why Some Women Decide Against Assistance with Medical Care

Childbirth is not easy. The strain pregnancy places on the human body calls for medical assistance. Hospital stays, delivery charges, and similar things contribute to the medical bills. While insurance may cover some bills, the cost of being healthy can be overwhelming. 

Medical expenses can be covered by insurance in some cases. If the insurance covers most of the cost, the birth mother may not need support. This is considered the best-case scenario when declining medical expense assistance. Adoption agencies in Colorado want to ensure the health and safety of birth mothers. In other instances, the adoptive parents and/or adoption agency contribute.

Expenses regarding medical procedures can be wholly or partially covered by Adoption Choices of Colorado. Recovery looks different for each mother, and Colorado adoption agencies are here to help. 

Housing and Transportation Post-Adoption

Support systems are incredibly helpful during the time after the adoption process. Women dealing with post-adoption alone may not have access to resources like housing or transportation. For many birth mothers, an unplanned pregnancy costs them their home. 

Birth mothers may not be able to afford reliable transportation due to finances after giving birth. The lack of transportation can affect prompt and convenient medical care, quality of life, and mental health. Women may need to commute to counseling, 

Adoption agencies in Colorado intend to care for birth mothers the same as the child. The adoption agency will only support birth mothers in ways deemed acceptable. While the Colorado adoption agencies encourage accepting aid, women are not required to accept resources. 

I Don’t Need Assistance, I’m Looking into Adoption 

Adoption Choices of Colorado understands that birth mothers are strong, intelligent, courageous people who have overcome complicated and life-changing circumstances. Conquering pregnancies, adoption, and the aftermath is something that requires true strength, and the decisions birth mothers make are respected. 

If you are a woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, you have made it to the right place. Considering adoption for my baby is a complex and important decision. Support comes in many forms to make Colorado adoption and adoption education smooth and effective. You have support; if you have questions on how to give the baby up for adoption, contact us.

Visit Adoption Choices of Colorado, and we will work with you to create the most effective and comfortable birth plan. 

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