What if I don’t want any counseling or support after the adoption process?

By Blessing E. Ikhimokpa

When birth mothers have gone through the adoption process, counseling/support is offered to them. But it’s not something that is required. Going through the adoption process doesn’t mean you’ll need to receive counseling or support. It just means you wanted to place your birth child up for adoption. But needed help from your local adoption agency. 

At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we offer counseling/support or anything the birth mother requires. At our agency, counseling/support is something we provide to all birth mothers. But it’s not something that is forced. If any birth mother would like counseling/support, they can contact us at the Adoption agency in Colorado.

Is counseling or support required after the adoption process?

After the adoption process has been completed, some birth mothers are welcome to seek counseling if needed. But it’s never something that’s required. If a birth mother decides they don’t want to receive the counseling/support the adoption agency is providing. They don’t have to. Counseling /support is provided to all birth mothers and birth fathers. It’s not something that is forced upon them if they don’t want it.

What support does the adoption process offer?

Depending on what the birth mother or father needs. Our agency will find a way to help provide that assistance. In any way we can. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we offer:

  • Financial assistance
  • Medical care
  • Housing and Transportation 

When dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, some birth mothers aren’t prepared. Whether it be financially or housing. So at our agency, we understand that every birth mother is different. What one birth mother may need may not be the same for the other. This means when it comes to financial assistance. So we offer what is allowed by the state of Colorado. 

Medical expenses are expensive whether you’re dealing with a pregnancy or not. We understand this. This is why we have specialized adoption agents. That will help assist in that. During pregnancy, birth mothers shouldn’t be worrying about the medical expenses needed. They should worry about not stressing over anything since we’re here to provide any assistance. 

Not every birth mother has the means of housing and transportation. Some birth mothers do have the means. But that doesn’t mean they all do. When a birth mother needs housing or transportation, our agency will help the birth mother in finding and renting a place to stay. We’ll help the birth mother with their expenses. By covering the rent for 4-6 weeks of their pregnancy. 

Will there be counseling or support when needed?

Yes, whenever the birth mother or father wants or needs counseling/support. It will be there for them. Remember, our agency can only help if the birth mother or father wants it. We’re not here to force counseling/support on anyone. Instead, we’re here to lend a hand when wanted. If counseling was forced, no one would want to receive it, which means lending a hand. The birth mother or father could decide whether they want to reach out or not. 

If you’re thinking of placing your birth child up for adoption. But people are telling you that you’re 

Giving the baby up for adoption. Instead of placing them up for adoption. Then you can contact your local adoption agency and ask to speak to a counselor. Adoption isn’t giving anyone up. It’s giving the birth child a second chance. What people who have never thought of adoption are thinking is;

  • Adoption is the easy way out
  • You’re giving the birth child away
  • Just take care of the birth child
  • You’re being selfish

They don’t think about the many reasons the birth mother or father had. When deciding to place the birth child up for adoption. All they see is the birth mother or father placing their birth child up for adoption. Something they would never have thought to do themselves.

What are the different types of adoptions in Colorado?

In Colorado, there are three types of adoptions to choose from. There’s an open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Depending on the relationship the birth parent (s) want with the birth child. Will determine which type of adoption they choose from. 

If the birth parent (s) would like to see the birth child after the adoption. Then they could choose 

Open adoption. In this adoption, the birth parent (s) can have a relationship with the adoptive parent (s) and the birth child. Where the adoptive parent (s) will send:

  • Emails regarding the birth child’s wellbeing
  • Videos showing the adoptive parent (s) playing/hanging out with the birth child
  • Pictures showing the birth child’s everyday activities

In Open adoption, the birth parent (s) and the adoptive parent (s) would share contact information. So, in case anything were to happen. The adoptive parent (s) could contact the birth parent (s) to keep them updated. However, giving out contact information to the adoptive parent (s) isn’t for everyone. Some birth parent (s) would rather the adoption agency deal with any communication. 

Similar to semi-closed adoption, any communication with the adoptive parent (s). The adoption agency handles it instead of the birth parent (s) choosing and reviewing the different adoptive parent (s). The adoption agency chooses for them. In a closed adoption, anything regarding the adoption process. The adoption agency handles it. The birth parent (s) have decided to leave the adoption process to the adoption agency. To the birth parent (s), their job is done. They don’t want to be involved anymore than they have been.

Counseling or support only works if both parties are in agreement. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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