What Happens When the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive?

Going through an unexpected pregnancy and deciding whether adoption is the right thing for you is hard enough. Not having the birth father by your side supporting you or not even knowing who the birth father is at all makes it even harder. In both situations, you are going through this alone and it can be very difficult. When the birth father is unknown, this could be hard on you and your child. This can impact your child’s life when he or she can’t know who their birth father is. When the birth father is unsupportive, it could impact your decision a lot and push back the adoption process if that’s truly what you want. Even though you are the birth mother and get to make every decision in your adoption plan, the birth father can impact this a lot depending on the situation you are in. Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have professional support for you as a birth mother. Connecting with someone to talk to about everything is very important because it could help the birth father see your perspective if he is still in the picture. We know how hard an unexpected pregnancy is and how overwhelming the adoption process can be when you don’t know or don’t have the support of the birth father. Our caseworkers have a lot of knowledge about the legality of adoption and can help clear up any questions or concerns you may have when the birth father is unknown or unsupportive.

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  • The Birth Father is Unknown

When the birth father is unknown, you are usually able to go through the adoption without needing their consent. There is a putative father registry where the birth father can claim his rights, but if the birth father is unknown to you, then he would not know about this adoption. This being said, you can decide everything without needing the birth father’s consent.

With the legality of the adoption process in Colorado, as long as the birth father doesn’t fill out a putative father registry, the attorney you work with is not required to notify the birth father about adoption. You may be able to place your baby up for adoption without the birth father, depending on the situation you are in. Our caseworkers can help you with figuring out how your adoption plan may be affected if you are in a similar situation.

If you have future contact with your child, depending on which type of adoption you choose, he or she may have a lot of questions about their birth father. Telling your child that their birth father is unknown can be a hard conversation because they will probably have tons of questions that you can’t answer for them. This can be hard on your child not having a birth father to have in their life, but if you give your child so much support and remind them that you chose adoption because you love them, they will grow up with a mindset of their birth mother’s love and support.

  • The Birth Father is Unsupportive

Unfortunately, if the birth father is known and is unsupportive, this could affect the adoption process. The birth father can claim his parental rights in Colorado if he is unsupportive and he can demonstrate that he can provide for the child on his own if that is what he would rather have happen. He has to be willing to provide financial support to you and the custody of your child. If he fails to do so, the adoption can go on as planned.

If the adoption goes on as planned, this can mean that the birth father either couldn’t afford care for the child or is deemed unfit to be a parent due to certain traits he has. This can include abuse allegations or mental illnesses. If this is the case, you will be able to make all the decisions of the adoption plan because you are the birth mother, unless you allow the birth father to help with the decision-making. You get the final say in everything though. It is all up to you.

If the birth father is unsupportive, whether they are married to you or with you or not, you can educate them and help them understand why adoption is the best choice for you. This can be for many reasons like financial status, not wanting to continue a life with the birth father, or that it just isn’t the right time for you to give up your life to raise a child. You can tell him that as much as you love your child, adoption is the best option for you and your child. You are choosing adoption because you love your child and know that you can’t give them the happy and stable home you know the adoptive parents you choose will be able to.

Are You in a Situation Where the Birth Father Is Unknown or Unsupppotive? Connect with an Adoption Caseworker and We Will Help You

No matter your situation and no matter if the birth father is unknown or unsupportive, you can contact us any time and get all of your questions answered. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want to help make your adoption process as smooth as possible. We want you to be able to get everything you want out of your adoption plan.

You as the birth mother get to decide everything that happens during the adoption process and in the adoption plan. It is all up to you. You are carrying your child and birthing him or her, so you are solely the decision-maker. Having the extra struggles of not knowing the birth father or having the birth father being unsupportive may tamper on your plans, so understanding your adoption rights and his in Colorado is important.

No matter what kind of question or how many, we will be here to answer every question you have and discuss every concern with you. Speaking with an adoption caseworker or counselor is a great idea and could help you a lot when figuring out what is going to happen with your adoption process whether the birth father is there or not. We are always here to listen and support, connect with one of our adoption caseworkers.

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