What Feelings Will I Experience in A Colorado Adoption?

By Gabrielle Maya

Debating on whether or not adoption is the right step for your unplanned pregnancy? Live in the state of Colorado? We at Adoption Choices of Colorado can be your reliable adoption agency. Our adoption agency specializes in all cases regarding adoption. We can answer all your questions regarding the adoption process, how to get started and what adoption services are provided.

As a birth mother choosing your unplanned pregnancy, we understand that you will experience several emotions. We want to put your racing heart at ease. All kinds of emotions, negative or positive, are a normal part of this journey. Whatever adoption you choose to have or are considering a Denver adoption, there are common emotions you can prepare yourself for that can occur. To know more about these emotions and the possible causes, the adoption process, and adoption services, please continue reading.

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Six Emotions You Can Experience in a Colorado Adoption

You may feel six of these emotions, which are common and normal to feel while in an adoption process.

1. Guilt

You may feel this way when starting your CO adoption. Some questions you’ll ask yourself are “am I making the right decision?”, “Does this make me a terrible mother for not being ready or desiring motherhood?” or “how will society judge me?” We want to assure you that this decision is selfless and that guilt isn’t an emotion that should be present. We know it will take a while, but soon you won’t feel guilt, or you’ll be able to manage your guilt and justify your actions.

2. Regret

During an adoption process, you may wonder if this was the right decision. You may be thinking of keeping the baby instead of having an abortion. This feeling of changing your decisions is valid during and after the adoption is complete.

3. Fear

Some questions that may have you biting your nails and pulling your hair- “will my child hate me?” “Does a closed adoption make me a terrible birth mother?” “How will my family and friends react?” We at Adoption Choices of Colorado are always on your side. We are a support system that doesn’t judge your decisions. Look into your heart and find the good that can come out of adoption. We know not many will agree with your decision, but facing your fears head-on when you’re ready can be fulfilling.

4. Anger

Having a burning sensation in your chest can be a normal feeling of anger. You may be angry at your decisions, your unplanned pregnancy, the child, and yourself as a woman. However, with anger comes a list of stuff you dislike about yourself in those moments. We hope you can take a deep breath and let it all out.

5. Sadness

Let the tears flow out! Cry about all the things that brought you to this decision and what’s to come of adoption.

6. Relief

You sigh in relief that an adoption is an option. A family will take care of a burden you aren’t ready for or want. You may also feel relief that your child will have a wonderful life with or without you in it.

How to Start Your Adoption Plan in Colorado

The first two steps are choosing an adoption type and creating a list of adoptive family preferences to begin your adoption process. Here are three types of adoption you can choose from. Which adoption type fits your plan?

Open Adoption

Open communication that is personal with your child and adoptive family. Contact forms include emails and letters with updates, phone, and video calls, and scheduled in-person visits.

Semi-Open Adoption

Just like open adoption, there is communication. The only differences are that it’s professional and not as often. All forms of contact are the same, but you set stricter boundaries.

Closed Adoption

No communication or contact is best. You are a private person that wants to have closure.

Things to Consider When Choosing Adoption

The following is a list of topics to consider when choosing an adoptive family.

  • Do I want my adoptive family to be close by or far away?
  • Would I want race/ethnicity to be an ideal preference? Does it matter if they were of a different race than my own?
  • Would an adoptive family with a religious background not affect my decision to choose them?
  • Do the adoptive family’s upbringing, morals, and values have to be exactly like mine, fairly similar, or completely different?
  • Am I comfortable with an adoptive family with children already or none, has adopted children, is a same-sex couple, or a single parent?

These are just a few examples. If there are certain questions or ideas that are important to you, definitely add them to your list of preferences.

Adoption Services in Colorado

Our next step is using our private adoption services in Coloradda. We are aware that every birth mother has unique circumstances and may need some help in various ways. Our services support you during this adoption process, even to assist after. Please view our list below for specifics.

Financial Aid

Apply to see if you are eligible for possible loans, grants, and programs. We want to make sure you are financially stable for carrying your child. We can help pay important expenses such as rent, medical bills, transportation fees, phone bills, groceries, and other maternity materials needed.

Medical Assistance

If you need a doctor or medical assistance, we can help pay for medical expenses and help schedule your doctor’s appointments. You may not have a primary doctor, but we have a list of potential doctors who have helped other birth mothers with their adoption plans. We want to make sure you receive the proper health care for you and your child.

Birth Plan

During your adoption process, you will be discussing the plans for your delivery. Some things you must consider are if you would require pain relief medicine or a c section? Would you prefer anyone to be in the delivery room with you or not? Will you be breastfeeding the baby and naming them? What location will you be having the delivery if a hospital isn’t suitable for your comfort?


Need a place to stay during your adoption process. If you have unfortunate circumstances regarding your living situation, we can offer you available housing for the time being. Make sure to apply to see which options are available for you.

Free Counseling

If you have experienced or put your emotions and feelings on the back burner, you deserve to voice them aloud. We offer free one-on-one counseling and group counseling sessions. We want to help you work on your acceptance and understanding with some wonderful coping skills. There is no deadline to have better mental health. We are here for you at any time. We are also available after your adoption is complete.

Choosing Adoption Choices of Colorado

Adoption Choices of Colorado is the place you can trust to make your adoption finalized the way you want it. We know this can be an emotional time that you may not be prepared for. So many feelings have been going through your head. You may worry you don’t have control over them. We offer support, guidance, and understanding when you choose adoption with us. Our hearts are here to make you feel heard and understood no matter your predicament. We only hope your last emotions are satisfaction, fulfillment, and acceptance.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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