What Can I Do as a Birth Father in the Adoption Process?

By Isabelle Sitchon

It’s known that the birth mother is heavily involved in the adoption process from the beginning. With the help of her adoption specialist, she creates an adoption plan and chooses an adoptive family for her child. You might even wonder what can I do as a birth father in the adoption process? However, oftentimes the birth father is left out of the adoption process. There are some unfortunate situations where the birth mother does not know the father of her child. In other situations, the birth father refuses to engage in the adoption process. It may seem like the birth father is painted out to be uninvolved. However, a birth father can play an important role when placing a baby up for adoption.

But what exactly would your role be? At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we are here to help guide you. The adoption process can be a very difficult journey, regardless if you and the birth mother are together or not. With your help, it will make it easier to find a loving home for your child. It is important that the birth father understands his responsibilities to ensure that his child is adopted into the right family.

Creating an Adoption Plan

When you both decide to place your baby for a CO adoption, you will create an adoption plan. This involves choosing the type of adoption you’d like for your child. There are three options you choose from: open, semi-open, and closed. You and the birth mother will determine the level of openness and degree of contact you’d like to have with the adoptive family. With more open adoption, the adoptive family you choose will be in constant communication with you. You may have the chance to remain in contact with your child after their adoption if you choose to.

The adoption process is different for everyone. Even if you and the mother are not together, you are able to help make important decisions. Together, the two of you can make an agreement. Here at Adoption Choices, we will support you in your journey along with the birth mother. We will give you as much time as you need to determine the best course of action for your child. 

Choosing an Adoptive Family Together With the Birth Mother

We encourage our birth fathers at our private adoption in Colorado to be involved in choosing the adoptive family for your child. Along with the birth mother, you two will be able to look at family profiles. Your adoption counselor will introduce you to family profiles when you finish constructing an adoption plan. If you need assistance, our professionals are here to help.  

Only you and the mother know what is best for your child. If you choose to be involved in the process as a birth father, we believe that you will join the conversation when discussing this matter.

Planning for Your Child’s Future 

It is possible that your child could have legal or medical issues in the future. One responsibility of the birth father is to complete paperwork regarding their family and/or medical history alongside the birth mother. This would help your child get the best care if something were to happen in the future. Additionally, it can help your child access important information when need be. If you need any consultation or have any questions, our adoption counselors can assist you. 

Providing and Seeking Support 

For you and the birth mother, there are challenging decisions to make and problems to face. In an ideal situation, both of you make an effort to collaborate on decisions that are best for your child. However, it may not always be possible. Even with teamwork, you may experience feelings of guilt, grief, and overwhelmingness during the process. With our private adoption in Colorado, we offer counseling services to both the birth mother and father. We provide a safe environment for you to communicate your fears and anxieties while on your journey. 

Birth fathers are made out to be absent in the adoption process. In reality, there are many birth fathers who truly care about their child and only want to give them their best life. At our private adoption in Colorado, we encourage you to help your child by playing your role in the adoption process. But you and/or the birth mother should not go through it alone. If you are a birth father or birth parent wanting to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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