What Are The Adoption Services Available with Adoption Choices of Colorado?

By Lea Reiner

Are you a birth mother considering adoption? Adoption Choices of Colorado is the adoption agency for you. Adoption Choices of Colorado understands how stressful an unplanned pregnancy can be. We offer non-judgemental support and services for a birth mother searching for adoption options. We help you create an adoption plan that best fits your needs. 

What services does Adoption Choices of Colorado offer?

Free Adoption Counseling

Adoption Choices of Colorado understands just how intense deciding to place a child up for adoption can be. This is why we offer free counseling to birth mothers as well as everyone involved in the adoption plan. We know it is not an easy decision to make on your own; that is why we offer non-judgemental support. 

We also offer support groups for birth mothers who choose to put their child up for adoption. This will help you connect with other women who experience the same hardships and will help reassure you that you are not alone. We want you to know you are not “giving a baby up for adoption.” You are choosing the best option for yourself and your child based on love and compassion. 

Help with Pregnancy Expenses

Our agency offers financial assistance to all eligible individuals. We can help with expenses such as food, utilities, phone bills, rent, and sundries. We can provide court-approved living expenses, but depending on the birth mother’s state of residence, the expenses may vary. 

Adoption in Colorado also offers help with medical expenses. We will help you find assistance in paying for your pregnancy and delivery. We can help with these expenses through insurance, state funding, and assistance from the adoptive family. 

Lastly, we offer assistance in finding housing and transportation. Adoption Choices of Colorado cares about your safety and will help provide shelter. We will also help provide transportation for you to places pertaining to your pregnancy. We will help arrange transportation to doctor appointments, to your employer or education, to apply for medicare or food stamps, and legal representation appointments. 

 Open Adoption, Semi-Open or, Closed Adoption

At Adoption Choices of Colorado, you can choose what type of adoption works best for you: open, semi-open, or closed. 

Open adoption allows the birth parents and the adoptive parents to have an ongoing relationship after the adoption process ends. This can include exchanging personal information and keeping in contact for years to come. This can also include phone calls, receiving pictures and even occasional visits.

Semi-open adoption is where contact between birth parents and adoptive parents are made through the adoption agency. This limits contact information and future contact between both parties.

Closed adoption is where there is no contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. There is no sharing of contacts or identities and no future visitations. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado supports the type of adoption that is best for you and your child.

Birth Plan Support

Our agency will help create a birth plan that best fits your wants and needs. We will help support you through delivery so you are surrounded by love and support in the hospital. 

Even after delivery, Adoption choices will still surround you with love and support.

 Post-Placement Care

We welcome anyone who has chosen to place their child for adoption to join our Post-Placement Support Groups for Birth Mothers. It does not matter when, where, or what agency you decide to place your child for adoption. You are still welcome.

We offer this support group monthly, on the second Monday of every month. We also provide child care and food. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado Offers Compassionate Adoption Services

Colorado adoption agencies and adoption Colorado Springs understand how intense considering adoption as a birth plan can be. This is why we offer plenty of adoption services. We want to ensure that birth mothers feel safe, secure and loved while going through a very difficult time. We make it our mission to support you in your decision. It is our job to be your support team throughout your adoption plan and adoption process.

If you are a birth mother considering adoption and are wondering what services are offered to you, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado today! We will support you through your decision. You are not alone.

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