What Are My Unexpected Pregnancy Options In Colorado

By Nicole Hatton

Have you just received news of an unplanned pregnancy or feel unsure of what to do with your baby? If you’re pregnant and don’t want the baby or not in a good place to parent, there are a few different options for you. You can choose to become a parent, terminate your pregnancy, or pick one of three adoption options. Whatever you decide, Adoption Choices of Colorado will be there to support you.

If you’re considering adoption, various adoption agencies in Colorado can guide you through the adoption process or provide resources on other topics. Keep reading to learn more about open, semi-open, closed adoption and their benefits.

How Open Adoption Works in Colorado

If you would like to keep communication with the adoptive parents and possibly your adoptive child, you may consider open adoption. In an open adoption, the adoptive family and birth mother exchange identifying information, and you can help choose the adoptive family. However, you are not co-parenting, and the adoptive family has permanent legal rights and responsibilities for your child. You can choose the level of contact that you feel comfortable with keeping and what the adoptive family is willing to have.

Whether that is receiving occasional email updates or regularly talking on the phone, you decide how much openness you would like. You could even do in-person visits and exchange pictures! Open adoption is a long-term commitment, so you can maintain a relationship with the adoptive family and your child throughout their lives.

What is a Semi-Open Adoption?

Semi-open adoption is similar to open adoption, but there are boundaries established. The birth mother and/or parents can have communication with the adoptive family, but it may be through an adoption agency or attorney. Additionally, some identifying information about the adoptive family can be shared, but there can be limitations to prioritizing privacy. They can still exchange letters and pictures, but the communication can be less frequent than in an open adoption. However, both open and semi-open adoptions can be customized to meet certain needs, and the arrangement can evolve over time.

Benefits of Open or Semi-Open Adoption

Open or semi-open adoption can be a good choice if you would like to continue watching your child grow up. It can assure you that your child is safe and healthy, which may put you at ease. This can give you a sense of control since you can choose who the adoptive family will be and have greater satisfaction with the adoption process. If you would like to share more about your family background or other important information in the future, you could do so! The birth father and grandparents can see how your child is doing as well. This can lessen the feeling of loss for the birth mother and her family involved.

For the adoptive child, having some open communication or connection can help answer any questions they may have. These could include understanding why they were placed for adoption, who their birth parents are, and who they are themselves. They can have first-hand answers to lingering questions instead of possibly trying to search for answers themselves. This could be cultural or ethnic-related things, random habits, medical conditions, and more. They could also benefit from knowing that they look like someone else or have comfort in knowing they have blood connections.

Who is a Closed Adoption for, and How Does it Work?

If you’re considering adoption but don’t want communication afterward, closed adoption may be the best choice for you. In a closed adoption, the birth parents and adoptive family do not know each other. Identifying information is not shared, and there is no contact between them during the child’s development and in the future. The birth mother can see her baby after birth in the hospital, but the communication stops there. This also includes social and medical information. The adoptive family does not have to tell their child that they are adopted either.

Benefits of a Closed Adoption

Some potential benefits of a closed adoption may include having a high level of privacy and maintaining comfortable boundaries. If you do not wish to revisit your adoption decision later in life, closed adoption could help you find emotional closure. If you’re worried about potential conflicts in the future, establishing these boundaries can prevent you from dealing with them. By distancing yourself this way, your child could also focus better on their new adoptive family. Choosing to do a closed adoption for your baby does not necessarily make you less loving as a mother. Adoption is not an easy decision to make, and it can be too painful to have ongoing contact.

Other Resources Surrounding Adoption, Logistics, and Other Concerns

If you are having trouble deciding on which type of adoption to do, Adoption Choices of Colorado can help you. You can receive free counseling and speak with adoption professionals who will be there to support you. We can work with you to create an adoption plan by picking an adoptive family and ensuring you have financial and emotional support. After this, we can also help you create a hospital plan that details what you want during your hospital stay. You can also receive post-placement support as well and get connected to support groups.

All of this is a part of the adoption process steps. Adoption in Colorado is safe, and you can trust the various adoption agencies in Colorado. Even if you are unsure about adoption and want to discuss parenting or termination, our adoption specialists can help you with that. Whatever you decide to do, you will be supported throughout your pregnancy journey.

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