What Rights and Responsibilities Will I Have After Placing My Baby for Adoption

By Maxwell Dallinga

Adoption and legal rights can get complicated during the adoption process. While there are many adoption options for your future adoption, these do not necessarily correlate to actual rights. As a birth mother, it may be important for you to understand your parental rights after the completion of your adoption. With the help of Adoption Choices of Colorado, you can take control of your rights, your adoption, and your future. 

Disclaimer: This article is meant to inform, and in no way represents legal advice. If you are looking for legal advice, please consult an attorney.

What Are My Rights After My Adoption in Colorado?

In Colorado, a birth mother ends her parental rights to their child after an adoption is completed. This means that any legal decisions about a child are transferred over to the child’s adoptive parent or parents. This may sound intimidating. Especially because you care about your child, the thought of transferring parental rights can be scary. Despite this fear, adoptive parents chosen through agencies will be screened thoroughly. With background checks, training, and more, adoption agencies ensure that these parental rights end up in the right hands.

Along with this, relinquishing your parental rights does not necessarily mean losing contact with your child. In fact, there are many ways of setting up post-adoption contact plans between you, your child, and their adoptive family. 

Remember, if you want the most reliable advice, please speak to an attorney to guide you through your rights.

Post-Placement Adoption Options 

Though going through adoption in Colorado means relinquishing your legal rights as a parent, there are still options. Especially through your adoption plan, many adoption agencies in Colorado offer post-placement options for you. Should you be interested in post-contact plans with your child, there are three options to consider: open, semi-open, and closed.

An open adoption plan entails that a contract agreement between a birth mother and adoptive parents is established. In an open adoption, the two parties share contact information. Also, the level and frequency of contact between the two parties are decided by you. This is best for birth mothers who want to stay fairly involved in their child’s life.

This differs from a semi-open adoption plan, in which contact is moderated by a third-party mediator. Contact information is generally limited, and contact both ways is restricted by this third party. This ensures that agreed-upon boundaries are set for both sides. This agreement is best for birth mothers and adoptive families who want to stay in contact, but need formal boundaries.

Finally, a closed adoption entails that neither party has any contact with the other. Contact information is never exchanged nor allowed between both parties. This form of post-placement agreement is preferred by mothers who wish to remain out of a child’s life.

Important to note is the fact that post-placement agreements do not equate to parental rights. These agreements are not legally binding and thus can be altered as needed by adoptive parents. As such, you may feel hesitant in making these agreements. However, so long as both parties maintain boundaries in open or semi-open agreements, it is generally not an issue. Despite this, it may be wise to consult with a legal expert to understand your rights and your post-placement contact agreement fully.

Adoption Agencies in Colorado

Through your adoption journey, finding the right knowledge and support can help you through your adoption. Knowing your rights as a birth mother is important. Should you have any legal questions, contacting an attorney knowledgeable about adoption rights is a great option. As well, choosing a great adoption agency can be very helpful if you are seeking guidance.

If you or a loved one are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, there are adoption options that can help you. Through the professional staff at Adoption Choices of Colorado, you can ensure a smooth adoption process for you and your child. We understand how hard adoption can be. That is why we are here to make it as easy as we possibly can. Offering numerous resources and channels of support, you can ensure that your adoption goes smoothly.

Our general process starts with creating an adoption plan that works for you. This means that you get to choose the adoptive family and your post-adoption contact agreement. Whatever your preferences, we are here to provide plenty of options for you. As well, Adoption Choices of Colorado offers numerous means of support for you. We offer counseling services, professional adoption advice, and support groups for emotional support. We also offer medical support in the form of medical aid, health advice, and more. Ultimately, Adoption Choices of Colorado is a great choice for those looking for a smooth adoption journey.

For your unplanned pregnancy options, please contact Adoption Choices of Colorado today to get started on your adoption plan!

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