This month, we are excited and honored to welcome a new member to the Adoption Choices of Colorado team: Taylor Tsakopulos! She will be working as an Editorial Intern with us for the next six months.

Taylor is a Colorado native, artist and creator. As a graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU), she is always chasing after new things and experiences. In the next year or two, she hopes to return to MSU to pursue her Master’s Degree.

Before she begins her regular blogs, I wanted to give her a chance to introduce herself and for you all to get to know her.

RR: When You hear the Word, “Adoption,” What Comes to Mind?

TT: (Adoption: 1.the action or fact of legally taking another’s child and bringing it up as one’s own, or the fact of being adopted.) The definition of the word adoption only delves into the legalese of the phrase without ever going into the interpretation of what it means personally, socially, economically, mental/emotional health-wise. Due to some indirect personal experiences with adoption, I would initially say the word adoption means providing someone(s) or the child a form of family or some form of stable environment/or fulfillment. Adoption doesn’t have to be about making right of something or someone’s situation, but rather providing space and love for someone in need of those things and making them family just as you would when you bring in multiple pets into your household.

RR: What/Who Inspires You?

TT: Art. And not just one type of art or one type of artist. All art inspires me. Each piece has its own story whether historical, cultural, social and economic background, but also academically and aesthetically. It’s a pure form of creation in any aspect or facet. For instance, I recently went to go see the huge Claude Monet exhibition at the Denver Art Museum. The exhibition showed a lot of his earlier works (caricatures) that were inspired by his early mentors, such as Eugène Boudin. Monet was an impressionist painter — meaning whatever impression he received within the moment toward the object or scene he found — he then created. The impressionist movement started in 1860, characterized by a concern with depicting the visual impression of the moment — especially in terms of the shifting effects of light and color and a literary or artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction.

RR: What was the last Book You Read?

TT: The last book I read was “Medical Medium” by Anthony Williams, the book is about how the author has helped thousands of people how have medical diseases or conditions. In which he has pro-curated a method that reveals the root causes for diseases and conditions that medical communities misunderstand or struggle to understand. Methods/cures to things the medical communities won’t discover for decades.

RR: What is the Craziest Thing You’ve ever Done?

TT: The craziest thing I ever did was go live in a different country for 6 months. At the time I had never been abroad outside of Mexico, let alone lived somewhere outside of my own apartment or parent’s home. I interned in Dublin, Ireland at a commercial art gallery during my stay. I lived in a 4 bedroom apartment with people who were from France, Switzerland and Australia. Where the laundry was in the kitchen, with no dryer only outside hanging lines, the showers were extremely small with an electrical box that turned it on, on the inside.

Ireland had more specific composting and recycling receptacles than the U.S. has — all the glass had to go to the bottle bank. All the buildings are much smaller than the buildings that are built in the U.S. (from a historical tour of the city, the buildings were built based upon the size of the windows — large windows mean more expensive; smaller windows or the maids quarters mean less expensive). They still had daily food markets and butchers. Also unlike Denver, Dublin was a walking city and had a main city centre that most people or public transportation met at; also, gas stations and semi trucks didn’t exist within the city centre. Outside of Ireland’s oddities and cultural differences, this little tiny place was magically. It was filled with little nooks and crannies of history, of personal wonders, and beautiful sites outside of tourist spots.

Overall, the experience was life-changing. By the time I came back to the U.S, I had traveled to Paris, France, Gothenburg, Sweden and other cities in Ireland.

RR: What are You Passionate about? 

TT: I am passionate about creativity and self-care because both go hand and hand for me personally. Because we live in a world where we work to live instead of the other way around, or that we are always on the move and never enjoy the small things, never pause to take care of ourselves but in turn take care of others all the time, or take care of all of our other laundry list of things. And for me personally I live by the rule that I need to take care of myself no matter how that looks to be able to take care of the other things I am responsible for: work, children, pets, cleaning etc. My outlet for self-care tends to be in the form of creativity- art, dance, something that involves me being creative and using my hands.

RR: What are You currently Watching on Netflix?

TT: I am currently watching “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.” They are shows I just watch here and there when I am working from home or on snow days. However, I just finished watching “Broad City.”

RR: What did You want to be when You Grew up? 

TT: I wanted to be a chef when I grew up because I loved creating food, making food presentations and eating food. When I was little, I was obsessed with watching everything on “Food Network.”

RR: What do You Enjoy doing when You’re not Working?

TT: I enjoy being outdoors, dancing, doing yoga and weightlifting. Also, creating art because it goes hand-in-hand with my passion about being creative and providing a space to practice or create self-care.

What are Your Career Aspirations?

TT: My career aspirations are to be free to travel the world in some capacity, however that looks. And to be able to be doing something I enjoy and that is fulfilling. More than likely, it would be something within the art realm as I have studied and loved art for quite some time.

RR: Why Adoption Choices?

TT: Outside of wanting to further my own personal/professional aspirations in writing, I much prefer working with non-profit organizations because the literal organization itself is more like a family helping each other doing multiple different things than one large company just a job. Also because, on a macro and micro level, it is more community and outreach based. A non-profit organization such as Adoption Choices is working toward a larger, greater goal outside of the company or our individual selves.

Welcome Taylor

Welcome to the team, Taylor! We are happy to have you!

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About the Author

Rachel RobertsonRachel Robertson is a published journalist, book editor, certified Publishing Specialist, and aspiring novelist. She graduated from Central Washington University (CWU) in March 2011, having found her writing voice within the Creative Nonfiction genre and grew to work as a freelance book editor for small presses all across the United States.

In June 2018, she embarked on an internship with Virginia Frank and came on board with Adoption Choices Inc., Not for Profit 501(c)(3), in December 2018. Between her mutual passion with adoption and surrogacy, and her own personal history with adoption, Rachel is excited to research and share topics each week that will spread awareness and better serve the faithful patrons of Adoption Choices Inc.

When Rachel isn’t haunting her local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble, she’s avidly pouring over her Writer’s Digest subscription or cozying up with a cup of tea and book. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her beloved wife and Border Collie.

We are operating full service during this time and will not be shutting down operations. Please let us know how we can help.

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