Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month in CO

By Anna Keller

Placing your baby for adoption is something that may seem daunting. And in a lot of ways, it is. But if you do decide to go through with the adoption process, you will have support. Christian adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado will provide resources for you to navigate this process regardless of your religion. You can also look locally; for instance, if there is an adoption agency in Denver that grabs your attention, reach out to them. The primary goal of private adoption agencies is to help you as much as possible during your unplanned pregnancy. If you are looking into creating an adoption plan, you might be aware that November is National Adoption Month. Celebrating adoption in Colorado can be lots of fun, especially if you get creative. 

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Ways to Destigmatize Adoption 

One way to celebrate is to raise awareness, which can be done through social media. Social media is a great way to convey your stance on certain topics. If enough people post positive messages about adoption, the stigmas can begin to fade. The narrative will begin to shift. In time, birth mothers will no longer be villainized or targeted for ‘giving up on’ their children. One website offers the idea of sharing statistics of thousands of children waiting for a home. Another fun idea is watching a movie that positively represents adoption. Many sectors of the media, including movies, portray adoption negatively.

They use it as a crutch to withhold the villain’s backstory or even as a flimsy side plot to legitimize bad behavior. This portrayal of adoption is harmful because it discourages birth mothers from putting their children up for adoption. It also blames the birth mothers for ‘ditching’ their children when they are, in reality, unfit to be parents.  

Similarly to watching a movie, you can tap into National Adoption Month by reading a book. The website notes that there are also children’s books on adoption if you want to give the adoptive parents some inspiration. Another activity you could suggest to the adoptive family is mug painting. Your child could paint his or her adoption date on the mug as a token of appreciation for their adoption. National Adoption Month exists because adoption in Colorado, or any state, deserves to be celebrated.  

More Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

Another way of celebrating is to give back. If you cannot provide financial donations, there are other solutions. You could volunteer at an adoption support group once you have recovered from giving birth. Other birth mothers would especially appreciate your support, as you would have invaluable insight. In connection to this, another idea that often gets overlooked is supporting foster families. Foster families need support too, so what better way than to send them a meal or card for the holidays?  

Writing a letter is a way to celebrate involving direct communication with your child. You can write a letter to the adoptive family, your child, or both. This is a great way to open up the lines of communication and connect yourself more fully to the family. This especially works if you fall under the category of really missing your child once you have given birth. Though it may be true that all birth mothers may miss their babies at least a little, some do more than others. That is perfectly fine. If you are a birth mother who anticipates she will really miss her child, then this is a good option.  

Why Adoption is not the ‘End-All, Be-All’  

Writing letters also allows you to get to know your child as someone more than just a baby who you created. It allows you to humanize them further by attributing certain personality traits and preferences to them. For instance, you will learn about their favorite color, food, and TV show. You can receive pictures of your child by letter as they grow, thus placing a face to the name. Adoption is often misconceived to be this end-all, be-all thing. It does not always have to be that way. If you choose to have an open adoption, you will likely stay in contact with the adoptive parents after you give birth.  

If you are a birth mother looking to adopt, you are not alone. You will find that the more you immerse yourself in the adoption community, the more support you will receive.  Also, you will find that as much as adoption may be stigmatized, it is also celebrated. You can contribute to this celebration.

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