Ways for Birth Mothers to Celebrate National Adoption Month

If you are a birth mother, chances are you have learned a bit about the adoption process. You likely know more than most people. That’s why you can make celebrating National Adoption Month the absolute best experience. You get that there is so much hard work involved from so many different different groups of people.

Here are some ideas of where to start:

How can I Recognize the Most Important Groups in the Adoption Process?

The three major groups most directly involved with the adoption process are very important. In your case, there’s you first, the birth mother, and the loved ones close to you. Then, there is also your child’s adoptive family and their connections. Finally, as the middle ground, there is the adoption agency that helped work everything out for all parties involved.

Birth mothers go through a lot and placing your child for adoption isn’t the easiest, so recognizing your own struggles and the struggles of other birth mothers is important. Adoptive families prepare quite a bit to welcome a new person into their lives and take care of them, so they also deserve plenty of credit. Then, there are adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado that have hardworking staff members. Those staff members spend tireless hours and days working to make everything smooth for you, your child, and the adoptive family.

Celebrating the amazing sacrifices of all three of these major groups in the adoption process is the first part of appreciating what is really behind the meaning of National Adoption Month. If you want to show your gratitude, letters of thanks can really go a long way and make someone’s day!

Should I Tell My Child about the Day of Their Adoption?

As a birth mother, you have a unique perspective. You can absolutely tell your child all about when they were placed for adoption. It can be a happy experience about how much you loved them and wanted to provide them with a great life. In turn, you may also wish to encourage your child’s adoptive family to share their perspective on the positives of adoption.

How can I De-stigmatize the Adoption Process?

Unfortunately, adoption can often still come with negative connotations, despite many happy success stories. You are welcome to actively campaign for the positives of adoption during National Adoption Month and even beyond. Many people post about their stories on social media, encouraging others to not be afraid of the adoption process. You can also donate to an adoption agency of your choosing or find other ways to create awareness.

How can I Make My Child Feel Special during this Time?

It’s really important to focus on who your child is and who they have become over time. However, as a birth mother, it is also important to celebrate their culture and heritage. It can sometimes be very easy to bulldoze over the past, but important traditions can still be recognized. If your child grew up celebrating the same traditions with their adoptive family that you celebrate, consider also teaching your child about other concepts from other nations. Not every adoptee may have the cultural experience that their birth mother intended for them, so helping your child to recognize that is very important.

There’s a variety of adoptive experiences out there. There’s also nothing wrong with making the holidays and traditions you already share with your child the best that they can be.

What Happens when National Adoption Month is Over?

Well, the idea is that adoption is important all of the time. Special attention is called to it during the month of November, but it’s still relevant all year long. Many people don’t think about adoption until they need to. Other birth mothers like you are often overwhelmed, scared, and frightened. By going out every day and quelling those fears, you could be doing other members of the adoption triad a huge favor. You went through the adoption process and can now help other birth mothers go through the same process with ease. Just because a special month ends doesn’t mean that you should stop recognizing just how amazing adoption can be.

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