Unplanned, Unexpected, or Unwanted Pregnancy Options in Colorado 

By Melissa Camacho

If you are a birth mother in Colorado going through an unplanned pregnancy, we have adoption options for you! Our private adoption agencies in Colorado guide birth mothers according to what their needs are. Every birth mother has different needs and expectations when pursuing adoption in Colorado. It’s a challenging experience for Any birth mother going through an unexpected pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, or unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Colorado strives to help all birth mothers create a flexible adoption plan that will implement their options. 

When you choose a private adoption in Colorado, you are offered a wide range of options. You will first need to seek an adoption agency near you and connect with our adoption professionals. The purpose of offering enough options to our birth mothers is to help them easily customize their own adoption plans. It is our priority to acknowledge every birth mother’s situation and match the options that best suit her needs.

If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 303-670-4673 (HOPE) or visit us at Adoption Choices of Colorado.

Defining Unplanned, Unexpected, and Unwanted Pregnancy and How it Corresponds to Adoption 

So how do we define unplanned, unexpected, and unwanted pregnancy? For one, all these terms are related to a pregnant woman who is not ready to raise a child. However, at some point, the birth mother may consider raising her child, terminating her pregnancy, or choosing adoption. An unplanned and unexpected pregnancy means you may have other priorities, such as a new job, going to college, or a career. You didn’t think you would get pregnant and are unsure how to handle the situation. Truthfully, raising kids requires you to be financially stable to provide for their medical expenses, education, food, and clothes. 

With an unwanted pregnancy, you may feel you do not need or have any intention to raise kids regardless if you are ready or not. It’s ok to consider termination of pregnancy if you feel you are not ready to raise kids at the moment. Although the termination of pregnancy is still legal in Colorado, laws, vary by state. You do not need permission from the birth father of your child. However, if the birth mother is under 18, she will need consent from one of her legal guardians 48 hours before terminating her pregnancy legally. 

Considering termination of pregnancy takes a lot of time to think through. We recommend you speak with an OB/GYN doctor to learn about any physical conditions or outcomes impacted by terminating your pregnancy. Adoption may be your best option if you come to the point that neither parenting nor termination of pregnancy will work. We will guide you towards the steps of creating an adoption plan.

Find Your Private Adoption Agency in Colorado 

Before making the right connections, you need to get your foot in the door. Your treasure of adoption options is at an advantage with a private adoption. Private adoption agencies operate under state laws and regulations. With a private adoption agency, you can get an open-adoption plan where you can keep in touch with the adoptive family. Public adoption is mandated to put children in a foster care system due to dangerous family or home situations. If you want to locate a private adoption agency to find out more, we have adoption agencies throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder.

Choosing an Open-adoption, Semi-adoption, or Closed-adoption in Colorado 

There are three levels of adoption when applying for private adoption in Colorado. During the course of the adoption process, you will decide whether an open adoption, semi-adoption, or closed-adoption is right for you. With open adoption, you can have the highest level of communication with the adoptive family. You can arrange family visits, phone calls, video chats, send letters or photos, and communicate through social media. A semi-adoption will allow you to have some level of communication and is secured through a third party or adoption agency. Sensitive information, such as a home address, social security number, and phone number, is kept confidential.

 If you wish to terminate any type of communication with your child or the adoptive family, you may choose a closed adoption. Your adoption type is final once you sign the adoption consent papers. Before finalizing your adoption, take time to consider the pros and cons of open adoption, semi-adoption, or closed adoption.

Exploring More Benefits with a Private Adoption Agency 

We understand there are many factors that a birth mother goes through that affect the conditions of her pregnancy. For example, a birth mother experiencing an unplanned, unwanted, or unexpected pregnancy, may feel stress and anxiety due to a lack of support. Over time, emotional stress can develop in a birth mother. On top of that, she may not have financial or emotional support from her family or her child’s birth father. 

If you are going through any of these obstacles, our adoption options can help you pull through. When you reach out to one of our adoption agencies in Colorado, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting with an adoption specialist. During your meeting, you will discuss steps on how to put a child up for adoption. You will also learn about other types of support to help you navigate the adoption process

We offer financial assistance for your monthly expenses, such as rent, utilities, housing, medical, transportation, food, and. maternity clothing. In addition, we can help you search for affordable housing if you need a safe, comfortable, and warm place to stay. Counseling support is also available for birth mothers in need of emotional support. You can join our counseling support group sessions if you need guidance to help you cope with emotional stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Placing your baby for adoption is not an easy choice. Birth mothers can go through moments of grief and loss. One reason can be that birth mothers will not have their parental rights once the adoption is finalized. We can also help you find the best adoptive family you feel is most qualified to raise your child. A caseworker will coordinate a home study to investigate the family’s background and financial conditions and see if their home is safe enough for your child to reside in.

Reach Out to Our Adoption Agencies in Colorado Today!

You can learn more about your adoption options when you contact an adoption agency in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. Our dynamic team of adoption professionals is ready to guide you through your adoption journey. We do not judge or discriminate against any birth mother’s decision to choose adoption in Colorado. Regardless of your circumstances, you can learn how to put a child up for adoption and take the time to create an adoption plan.

The more unplanned pregnancies we solve in Colorado, the greater our support becomes for all birth mothers in need. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.


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