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Every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy has her own questions and concerns about adoption. In the articles and links below, you will find answers to many adoption questions. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is committed to providing you the information and resources that you need during this time. If any of your adoption questions aren’t answered in these articles, our Adoption Specialists are here to help.

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Adoption Topics A-Z

Adoption Law

Colorado Interstate Adoptions

ICPC Process and Wait Times

Packing for Your Interstate Adoption

The Court Process of Adoption Finalization

Letters of Recommendation

Recent Laws Passed:


Adoption & Group Health

Adoption Tax Credit:

Adoption Tax Credit 2019

Adoption Tax Credit 101

Adoption Myths

Myths about Birth Mothers

Five More Myths about Birth Mothers

Myths about Home Studies

Myths All Adoptees Wish You Knew

Home Study Interview Part II

Adoption Stories

Birth Parents:

He Deserves the Best Life Possible

A Life-Changing Decision

6 of the Top Benefits of Adoption for a Birth Mother

Military Adoption Success Story

Adoptive Parents:

Meant to Be

An Amazing Path to Family

Katie Sullivan’s Adoption Story

Mary Anna’s Adoption Story

Opening Pandora’s Box:

The Man I Never Knew

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Birth Parents

Who is a Typical Birth Mother in Colorado?

Your Rights as a Birth Mother

Who are Birth Mothers?

Making a Plan for Adoption

A Birth Mother’s Regret

Bringing Baby Home

Ways to Bond with Your Adopted Child

Essentials Needed for Your Newborn

Adoption Transition

Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact

Adoption Baby Shower Etiquette

How to Bless Your Child’s Birth Mother

Considering Adoption

Birth Parents:

Reasons to Place Your Baby for Adoption

How do I Know Adoption is the Right Choice

The Top 6 Most Common Questions Birth Mothers have about Adoption 

Adoptive Parents:

Things You Should Consider before Adopting

Important Questions to Ask


Am I Eligible to Adopt in Colorado?

Benefits of Adoption

How Adoption Impacts both Families

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