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Every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy has her own questions and concerns about adoption. In the articles and links below, you will find answers to many adoption questions. Adoption Choices of Colorado is committed to providing you the information and resources that you need during this time. If any of your adoption questions aren’t answered in these articles, our Adoption Specialists are here to help. Call us at 303-670-4673(HOPE) or text us at 720-371-1099 anytime, for free, and with no obligation!

Latest Adoption News

Encouraging Things You can Say to a Grieving Birth Mother

You stand beside the hospital bed, watching as your child’s birth mother holds a carefully swaddled bundle of joy. Your heart pounds with excitement. Then she turns to you and asks, “Would you like to hold your baby?” Nodding, you lean down and extend your arms in...

Attachment Issues in Adopted Infants

If you are thinking of bringing home an adopted infant, attachment issues may be a concern of yours. For those worried, there is good news: although adopted infants have bonded with their mothers in the womb, they are open to attachment with their caregivers....

Welcome to the Team: Marisa Cabrera

This month, we are excited and honored to welcome a new member to the Adoption Choices of Colorado team: Marisa Cabrera! She will be working as an Editorial Intern with us for the next six months. Marisa is excited to strengthen her writing skills, and learn all...

When Post Adoption Depression Syndrome Strikes

The adoption process is fraught with highs and lows. Joys and sorrows. Moments of intense stress and complete peace. With all the moving pieces, it’s easy to be whisked along and forget the amount of adrenaline and energy that’s sustaining you throughout your...

The Next Chapter: Patience Bramlett

For the past six months, Adoption Choices of Colorado has had the honor of having Patience Bramlett as an Editorial Intern. From day one, Patience’s passion and enthusiasm for the adoption industry has grown and flourished. She’s worked faithfully each and every...

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