Going through an unplanned pregnancy can invoke a range of emotions from fear, insecurity, and frustration to confusion, stress, and depression. It is a life changing moment in which you have to decide your future. While it can be stressful, once you’ve determined how you will move forward (whether through adoption or not), your main priority should be on your health and the health of your baby. Don’t worry – you don’t have to face that decision alone. Our team can help you understand all of your options and help you to make the decision that is best for your situation.

If you’ve decided that adoption is the best route for yourself and your baby, there are a lot of moving parts and it can feel like there are a million things to do before your baby is born. While there are a lot of pieces involved in the adoption process, it’s important to stay relaxed and take care of yourself.

Here are five ways that you can have a healthy pregnancy even during the adoption process.

Create Your Adoption Plan

One major hurdle is to remain calm and relaxed throughout the adoption process and your pregnancy. Stress is a major threat to the health of your baby and yourself. One of the best ways to eliminate (or at least reduce) stress is to feel prepared. If you understand the process and know what is coming up, you have nothing to stress about. Creating your adoption plan will help you do just that. Your caseworker will help you create the perfect adoption plan for your situation, but you can also get a head start with our free Adoption Plan Checklist! Download it today and start preparing for the adoption process!

Ditch the Chemicals

It’s important to remember that anything that you ingest, your baby also ingests. This means that it’s important to ditch all the harmful chemicals that you may have been used to putting in your body. This can be anything including drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. It’s important to remember that there is no safe amount of any of these things. Just a little alcohol or one cigarette can have lasting impacts on the baby. Just don’t do it. Your body will thank you as well!

Stay Active

It can be easy to just relax and stop exercising during your pregnancy, but your pregnancy should not be an excuse to cut out exercise. In fact, it should be a reason to make sure you keep exercising. Exercise helps to improve blood flow throughout your body and helps to reduce stress levels. So stay active!

Note – this doesn’t mean that you should be lifting heavy. If you are used to intense, heavy lifting, you probably want to reduce that activity level and opt for less vigorous activities like yoga or Pilates.

Watch Your Diet

Many women think that they can eat anything that they want during pregnancy because they’re “eating for two”. While it’s technically true, it doesn’t mean that you should be eating double the calories. In fact, you should only be increasing your caloric intake by about 300 calories in the second and third trimesters.

Again, remember that whatever you’re ingesting, so is your baby. Opt for healthy foods when you can and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Talk About It

We all know that keeping our feelings bottled up is bad for our health. Whether you confide in a close friend, go to counseling, or talk through the process and your feelings with your caseworker, it’s good and healthy to get those things out. No matter what you’re feeling, it’s valid. Never keep your feelings bottled up. We all need to talk through our struggles and changes. It’s normal. Take advantage of all the resources that you have at your disposal. Talking these things out will help your stress levels and will give you confidence as you progress throughout your pregnancy and adoption journey.


Whether you just found out that you’re pregnant, just started considering adoption, or already decided that adoption is the right route, our team is here to answer all questions and help you through the entire process and even after the adoption. Talk with one of our amazing caseworkers today!

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