Transracial Adoption Terms: Are They All the Same?

By Jan Douglas

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Adoptions have significantly changed over the last couple of decades. The birth mother makes all the decisions in the adoption process. She will decide the type of adoption – open adoption, semi-open, or closed. Our adoption agency carefully screens hopeful families. The birth parent will have the opportunity to review several families until she finds one perfect. Choosing adoption may feel like you are taking the easy way out. That could not be further from the truth! The reason a woman contemplates adoption is unique. Choosing to place your baby for adoption in a wonderful and loving family takes courage. It can be a new beginning for you and your unborn baby. Although you may feel discouraged, the sun will shine again.

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Transracial Adoption Terms and the Types of Adoptions in Colorado

There are many types of adoptions in Colorado. As a nation, we are celebrating Black History Month right now. You may have heard terms such as transracial, multiracial, transcultural, and interracial adoption. All these terms mean exactly the same thing. This type of adoption simply means you are placing the baby with a family of a different race or ethnic group. There are many advantages to interracial adoption. Some of them include the following:

  • The adopted child will grow up in a culturally diverse home 
  • Adoptive parents who choose a transracial adoption may be independent and strong-minded
  • Often transcultural homes are broad-minded, caring, and accepting 

Reasons Why a Birth Mother may Choose a Transracial Adoption

Women choose adoption for various reasons – financial reasons, teenage pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, or possibly emotional reasons. Once a birth mom decides on adoption, part of creating an adoption plan is selecting the adoptive family. A transracial family may be one of the best options. Growing up in a home with different cultures often creates open-mindedness. Various ethnic or national cultures make up a multicultural home. It tends to have an environment of tolerance and creativity – a blend of different customs, traditions, and heritage. 

A birth mother may desire a transracial adoption if the unborn baby is biracial. She may feel that the child will fit in or be more comfortable with a multiracial family. Transracial adoptions may also bring awareness to the child at a young age of racial or ethnic differences. The child may grow up a more accepting person. Usually, people are afraid or tentative about anyone different because they have not been around people unlike themselves. A person raised in a transracial family may appreciate all the varieties of persons in the world. Having this worldview can open doors to a beautiful and interesting life! 

Advantages of Choosing Adoption

Modern adoptions have changed immensely from adoptions in the past. The majority of adoption plans these days are open or semi-open adoptions. In these adoptions, the birth mother decides how much involvement the adoptive family will have in the adoption process. And the level of relationship she will have in the child’s life. There is a great amount of flexibility in today’s adoptions. Some birth mothers might want an open adoption in which the adoptive parents come to the doctor’s appointments and are even present at the birth. Others choose to limit the amount of communication to updates throughout the child’s life until they turn eighteen. And even this has adaptability. 

There are wonderful families out there that desperately want children. Some have tried to have kids and experience miscarriage after miscarriage. Others have never been able to get pregnant. When a birth mother chooses adoption, she grants a couple the fulfillment of a deep and persistent longing. Adoptive parents are deciding to adopt. They have gone through a rigorous screening process. They may have been waiting several years. You are helping to create a new family. 

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, a birth mother may be gifting herself and her child a better life. She may be young, financially unstable, or just not ready to commit to raising a child. Children require more than love – a stable home, basic necessities, and time. And then, there are secondary needs such as extracurricular activities, college or technical school, and vacations. Adoption can provide peace of mind to a birth mother. When a person takes control of their life, it can be empowering. Our private adoption agency will guide and support you.

Where can a birth mother find help and support when considering adoption?

If you have an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado, you have three options: have the baby, terminate the pregnancy, or adoption. Adoption gives you another way if you feel uncomfortable terminating your pregnancy. Or you are not ready to raise a child. You do not need to apologize for whatever decision you make. Most adopted children today grow up in families where they feel adoption is unique. And the majority of these children have good feelings about their circumstances. 

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