Mother’s Day is an exciting day! It’s a holiday that brings to mind handmade gifts, love notes, and a surplus of admiration, and moms often look forward to it. They more than deserve a day devoted to their hard work. But some adoptive moms are caught off guard by a mix of emotions, considering themselves unworthy of the title real mom.

As her spouse, you expected her to be over the moon excited. After all, Mother’s Day is a day designed to celebrate something she so desperately wanted to become: a mother. You never imagined she’d feel down or act detached, but you can’t help but notice her smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes.

She’s going to be okay! Adoption Choices of Colorado has no fear that you’ll be able to help her through this. Let us help you ease her worries. We know that, regardless of biology, she possesses the many beautiful traits of a mother. You just have to remind her she’s more than worthy of calling herself Mom. We’re here to help you do that!


The way society links motherhood to the pregnancy journey, leaves adoptive mothers feeling excluded. Are you the real mom? Do you communicate with the real mom? Are you going to have your own child? Why would you want to raise someone else’s child? Are you worried about your son or daughter looking for his or her real mom? Too often, these are the questions adoptive mothers are asked.

The meaning of motherhood far surpasses biology. A mother is someone who guides her children, offering support and inspiration along the way. She’s a selfless, loving human who makes sacrifices. She’s a protector who works fiercely to equip her children with the knowledge and skills required to live life to the fullest. She wipes away tears of sorrow and madness that stream down her children’s cherub-like faces. Simply put, giving birth is the least of what makes a mother.

You know how big your partner’s heart is, how beautifully she’s blossomed into that of motherhood. Here are a few maternal traits to remind her of what she possesses:

She loves unconditionally. Of all the types of love, a mother’s love is the strongest. Her journey to motherhood was an emotional and selfless one. Don’t let your partner forget that! She provides a love that doesn’t need to be proved, a love that can be seen in her shining eyes and felt by her child at all times.

She’s fiercely protective. Much like you, when your spouse took on the role of parenthood, she revealed a new part of herself. She became stronger, more capable of sacrifice. She’s been the one standing between any situation or person threatening her child.

She’s influential. Moms play a huge part in a child’s life, and your partner holds that title. Her role is not just in raising her child, but in shaping him or her as well. Mothers are the most influential people in your child’s life – ahead of friends, community leaders, and other family members. While mothers are often thanked for their protecting and providing role, it is their life-training and identity-shaping that has the most lasting impact.

She’s authoritative. Remind your spouse that she plays a major role in how her child is raised. She may be an adoptive mom, but she’s the one who sets expectations and enforces rules, the one who teaches right from wrong. That’s a big deal!

She’s empathetic. While the mother to your child isn’t afraid to set boundaries, she’s also emotionally responsive, warm, and communicative. She knows that teaching morals is an important part of raising a child, but she also enforces a two-way communication that allows for safe boundaries and encourages good behavior.

She’s unyieldingly supportive. From experience, you know that your spouse has your back. She’s always there for you, and that support grew tenfold when she became an adoptive parent. Tell her that she provides a strong foundation to grow from, always providing support and care, even when no one else does.

Being a mother is perhaps the hardest, most rewarding job a woman will ever experience. Help your partner not to feel anything less than that of a loving mother. Biology isn’t an obstacle standing in her way when it comes to motherhood.


On this Mother’s Day and every day, it’s important to remember that motherhood is not pregnancy-centric. It’s no secret that many children are healthier and happier with adoptive parents than with the parents that nature birthed them. Mothering a child makes you a mother. Late-night feeds, dirty diapers, exhaustion, worry, guilt — those are the things that make a mother, not pregnancy. If you find your partner second-guessing her motherhood, assure her it’s wayward thinking.

Adoption Choices of Colorado knows you want to see your spouse’s face light up on Mother’s Day, a day she’ll hold close to her heart. After all, it’s a day dedicated to her, a day you and your family look forward to each year because you get to show your appreciation in abundance. We’re here to assure adopted mothers: genes are optional when it comes to motherhood!

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