The Top 7 Reasons to Choose Gestational Surrogacy as a Surrogate in 2021

For intended parents wishing to grow their family, gestational surrogacy is an incredible opportunity and gift. But what motivates women to become surrogates?  What is it about gestational surrogacy that draws them in?

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado wants to provide prospective surrogates with all of the information they need to make this important decision. If you are a woman who is interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, here are the top reasons to choose gestational surrogacy as a surrogate in Colorado.

1. Surrogates Help Give the Gift of Life to Intended Parents

First and foremost, the women who become surrogate mothers are incredibly thoughtful and altruistic. Surrogates are raising their own children and understand the importance of family. They devote their energies to helping another family grow. Many women seek to become a surrogate mother because they feel a calling to help other families with fertility difficulties, and want the couple or individual to experience the love and fulfillment of building a family.

2. Surrogates Enjoy Experiencing Pregnancy

Surrogate mothers are known to have easy and uncomplicated pregnancies. Some surrogates feel they were meant to be pregnant and enjoy the experience of growing a baby. Gestational surrogacy gives them the added joy of sharing in the experience with the intended parents. That sense of accomplishment is truly unique to surrogacy.

3. Surrogates get to Carry a Baby Genetically Related to the Intended Parents

Gestational surrogacy offers intended parents the chance to be genetically related to their baby. Through IVF treatments, the embryo is created by combining genetic material from the intended parents and donors if needed. The embryo is then transferred to the surrogate’s womb, where he or she will grow and develop.

The fact that the surrogate is not biologically related to the baby lessens the risk of undue attachment and makes it easier for the surrogate to give the baby to their intended parents after birth without emotional trouble. We recommend pre-surrogacy counseling for women who are close to the family before deciding to be their surrogate. Therapy can help with understanding and processing emotional or mental troubles related to the surrogacy process.

4. Surrogates can Form Lifelong Relationships with Intended Parents

When our surrogacy agency matches you with intended parents or individuals, we pay attention to expectations for communication. We pair intended parents and surrogates with similar expectations about contact throughout the process and wishes for contact after the baby is born. Surrogates share regular updates with the intended parents throughout the surrogacy process and allow the intended parents to attend important medical appointments with her to watch the baby’s growth. Often, surrogate mothers will become close with the intended parents, and the family that grows, thanks to gestational surrogacy. These strong bonds can develop into lasting relationships.

5. Surrogates Become Part of an Incredible Surrogacy Community

Once you become a surrogate, you enter into a community of kindhearted women. Many surrogates feel a strong sense of kinship with other surrogate mothers and develop close bonds. Working with our surrogacy agency allows you to get to know a network of people to support you throughout your surrogacy journey.

6. Surrogates will have Guaranteed Legal Protection

Surrogacy is legal in Colorado. All of the surrogates who work through our surrogacy agency are advised to get a surrogacy attorney to ensure that their rights are protected throughout the surrogacy process. We encourage our intended parents to do the same. Even though parental rights aren’t in question during gestational surrogacy, it’s still important that each party has proper legal representation and protection to ensure a smooth, positive, and successful surrogacy journey. These protections ensure that you, as a surrogate, will not be responsible for the child after birth, while, at the same time, giving the intended parents assurance that they will receive custody.

7. Surrogates can Focus on Staying Healthy

All of the medical expenses are covered by the intended parents. Surrogates do not need to worry about the cost of the surrogacy process, and can focus their energies on growing a healthy baby.

Choosing Gestational Surrogacy as a Surrogate in 2021

Surrogacy is a gift for intended parents and an opportunity for women with a history of easy pregnancies to give back. Gestational surrogacy offers surrogates an emotional safeguard against attachment to the baby and makes for a comfortable relationship with the intended parents. You can have confidence that your pregnancy expenses will be paid for and may even be compensated beyond what is necessary. The gift of life comes with a great deal of benefits both from pride and accomplishment as well as discovering a new perspective as you enter a whole new community.

After you have finished your own family, you may want to consider becoming a gestational carrier for families and individuals in need. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is here to help you throughout the surrogacy process, connecting you with legal representation, medical care, and hands-on support for your surrogacy journey.

If you are interested in learning more about your gestational surrogacy options, contact Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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