The Top 5 Benefits of Adopting as a Single Parent

When thinking of adoption, most people automatically construct an image of a happily married couple looking to start or expand their family. But what about single men and women, equally ready to take that next step and bring a child into their home? With so many children living in single parent families, adoption agencies have been more willing to consider unmarried men and women as prospective adopters. Now, many children are living with single adults, who have been given an opportunity to grow their family and give love to children who need it most. No longer uncommon, adopting as a single parents have some top 5 benefits!

Benefit 1 Of Adopting as a Single Parent: Single Parent Freedom 

While it may seem intimidating to parent alone, carrying the weight of all decision-making is a major upside. It allows for the best possible outcome, without the need to compromise for a partner’s differing beliefs, needs, or demands.

Single parents don’t carry the burden of their partners potentially undermining their authority or confusing the child with conflicting demands. It eradicates the potential for disagreement by allowing the single parent to always act in the child’s best interest, according to their ideology. This lack of conflict allows the child to feel more environmentally secure.

Single parents are responsible for all decisions, from the schools their children attend to the freedoms and restrictions their children have.

Benefit 2 Of Adopting as a Single Parent: Independence and Responsibility At A Young Age 

It’s hard to juggle all life has to offer as a single parent. At times, it won’t be feasible to manage everything alone.

That said, children raised by single parents often see themselves as a member of the team, a piece of the puzzle that makes it whole. Children may see their parent struggle and want to help. In doing so, this cooperation helps to understand the value of contribution and incites less selfish thinking.

Along with responsibility comes independence. Children learn through observation. Single parents work overtime to juggle all responsibilities, and their children notice. This encourages children to mature alongside their parents, so as to lessen the load on their parent. Single parent children learn independence at a young age, relying on their parents less and depending on themselves more.

Benefit 3 of Adopting as a Single Parent: Easier Management Finances 

While money doesn’t make or break a person, it is a major factor in most people’s day-to-day lives. Single parents, especially, have to stay on top of tracking their income and expenditure. While childcare is a beautiful part of life, it’s also expensive.

According to a 2017 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average cost of raising a child from birth through age 17 is $233,610. This includes everything from housing, food, and transportation to healthcare, education, and childcare to clothing, personal care items, and entertainment.

Yes, single parents have less income, but they’re also the sole deciders on how and when to spend money. They don’t have to divide expenses with a partner, and they always know where and when money is being spent. Single parents define “needs” versus “wants,” and pass that on to their child, teaching them the concept of money management.

Benefit 4 of Adopting as a Single Parent: Undivided Attention 

One-on-one time is hard to come by in today’s busy-bee lifestyle. Single parents have an advantage in this area: they’re able to devote more quality time to their child, creating a unique bond. Single parents don’t have to divide their time between a partner and child, allowing them to focus solely on their child’s comfort and happiness.

The quality of a parent-child relationship has tremendous impact on a child’s well-being. A reliable bond creates an environment where the child feels safe, secure, and loved. This connection opens the door to transparency, meaning the child will often be more forthcoming.

By being able to bond more with their children, single parents have more knowledge of their kids’ thoughts and inner workings, being better able to guide them down the right path.

Benefit 5 of Adopting as a Single Parent: Sense Of Community 

In accordance with the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child,” single parents may need to rely on others to help in caring for their children. Even two-parent families have difficulties balancing parenthood, work, hobbies, and relationships.

In most cases, children of single parents have several supporters, both online and in-person. Often, these organizations encourage single parents to mingle and make new friends. This community outreach teaches children that they can find support outside of their immediate family, just as their parents did, giving them a sense of stability and belonging.

If a child sees his or her hardworking, independent parent reach out for help, the child will know it’s okay to do the same if ever the time arises. A sense of community shelters children, letting them know they’re never fully alone.

Adoptive Single Parents Are Loving Parents 

There is no doubt that single parents experience hardships. As with anything in life, raising a child doesn’t come easy. But single parent adoptions offer a myriad of opportunities for happiness. With these top 5 benefits of adopting as a single parent, this type of adoption is always available.

Single parents deserve the opportunity to start loving families, and Adoption Choices of Colorado will support you every step of the way! That is why we are here to provide at least the top 5 benefits of adopting as a single parent. We will never turn away a prospective adoptive parent based on marital status. Let us help you bring a child into your loving home.

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