The Role of Grandparents in Adoption

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can bring with it a lot of complicated feelings and emotions. Generally, at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we focus on you, as the expectant mother. We want to be as helpful to you as possible on your adoption journey. But, if your parents are active in your life, they are very likely experiencing some of the same emotions, fears, and apprehension that you are.

Should you choose to place your child for adoption, there will likely be grandparents involved in the adoptive family as well. You may have some questions or concerns about the role of grandparents in adoption. Let’s address a few possible concerns.

What is My Parents’ Role if I Choose Adoption?

Your parents’ primary role is to support you in whatever choice you make. If that choice is to place your baby for adoption, your parents can still be an active part of the experience, if that is something that you want as well. They can attend medical appointments, be at the hospital when the baby is born and even, in some cases, meet the adoptive family.

If you choose an open adoption plan and maintain contact with your child after the adoption, your parents can participate in that as well. Grandparents in adoption can play an important part if you, as the birth mother, want them involved.

As the Grandparents in Adoption, can My Parents Make Me Choose What They Want? 

Maybe your parents aren’t supportive and you’re concerned that they can override your wishes regarding your pregnancy. If you’re over 18, your parents’ wishes are not legally a factor in any way. They cannot make choices for you. They cannot change your decision if they disagree with it. While grandparents can be a valuable source of support and advice, the decisions an expectant mother faces are ultimately her own.

If you are under 18, the law is still very much on your side, in many ways, regarding your ability to make up your own mind about your pregnancy. You know best what will work for you and for your child. Whether or not your parents are involved in your decision, Adoption Choices of Colorado will support you every step of the way as you decide what’s best for yourself and your baby.

Do Grandparents in Adoption have the Right to See My Baby Post Placement?

You have approval over every aspect of your adoption plan. While some version of open adoption is the most common type of adoption, each adoption plan is customized to the needs and wants of the people directly involved in the adoption – the birth mother or birth parents, the adoptive parent or parents, and the child. Many people do choose to expand their adoption triad to include active grandparent involvement from the biological and adoptive grandparents, either before or after the birth of the child. But whether you want the grandparents involved in the adoption process is an option you, as the birth mother, can control.

While closed adoptions have become much less common than they used to be, it is still an option. In a closed adoption, neither you nor your parents would have contact with your child or the adoptive family after the adoption. Regardless, your parents cannot choose to have contact with your child after the adoption if you and the adoptive family don’t both agree to it. Once you relinquish your parental rights, any “grandparents’ rights” your parents may have had go away as well.

Will the Adoptive Grandparents Think of My Birth Child as Their Grandchild?

Our cultural views on adoption have evolved a lot, but change does take time. Some remnants of outdated thinking do still exist– especially in older generations. Grandparents may have some apprehension about the adoption process, or have beliefs rooted in old stories or experiences. But at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we work to educate people about modern adoption experiences.

Most adoptive grandparents, after becoming informed about adoption, feel only the joy of becoming grandparents. Families created by adoption are just as real as families created by birth. Grandparents can share with others, the wonderful way in which their family grew in a way that honors the wonderful gift you gave them by lovingly placing your child for adoption.

What is the Role of Grandparents in Adoption?

Choosing whether or not to parent your child yourself is a difficult decision, and it’s a decision that’s yours alone to make. If you want the baby’s grandparents to be part of your decision, Adoption Choices of Colorado can provide advice and resources to help them, as well as you, understand your choices. As you decide what works best for you and your baby, we look forward to providing support along the way. We can help address any concerns you or your parents may have about the choice of adoption.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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