For the past six months, Adoption Choices of Colorado has had the honor of having Patience Bramlett as an Editorial Intern. From day one, Patience’s passion and enthusiasm for the adoption industry has grown and flourished. She’s worked faithfully each and every week to bring new content to the table and to spread Adoption Choices’ mission in a positive and uplifting way. She took every suggestion and critique with grace and willingness to learn. When she encountered an obstacle, she asked questions and always went the extra mile in everything she did. She has not only found her writing voice, but has also fallen in love with the adoption community, and everything that goes into the editing and publishing process.

Additionally, Patience has been such an encouraging and supportive presence with the other interns, displaying natural leadership ability and the depth of her kindhearted character. She is never shy about inviting the other ladies to coffee or making everyone smile. Her infectious laughter and positive outlook has made her time as an intern an incredible joy and blessing.

Patience’s contract as Editorial Intern concluded on October 1st. She’s now ready to embark on the next chapter of her life. But I’ll let her tell you about that in her own words.

RR: When did you start as an intern, and what prompted you to apply for the internship?

PB: More than anything, the editing process intrigues me. We as humans tend to fall in love with final products. But what about the diligent process that creates these masterpieces we love so much? I’ve always wanted to be a part of that process – to see a work of art, flaws and all, and help buff out its imperfections. That’s why, when Adoption Choices of Colorado offered me an editorial internship in April, I gleefully accepted.

RR: What knowledge of adoption did you have coming into the internship? How has that changed/not changed?

PB: I had little knowledge of adoption before accepting this internship. Now, I know more than I thought possible! Between my incessant online research and profound help from coworkers and agency staff, information was never lacking.

RR: Over the past six months, what do you feel you’ve learned through being an intern with Adoption Choices?

PB: I’ve learned several things throughout this internship. More than I could ever show appreciation for. Most important is my realization that working for an organization that appreciates and encourages me is something I’ve been missing. I can’t tell you how much my internship with Adoption Choices of Colorado has helped shape me. For that, I’ll be forever grateful.

RR: What was one of the biggest challenges you faced?

PB: For me, one of the toughest aspects was time-management. I worked full-time throughout the duration of my editorial internship. Some nights, it was difficult to come home from a long day of work and will my writing brain to work.

RR: What was a highlight of your experience?

PB: As odd as it may seem, I loved reading through the comments on each of my blog posts. It was a definite highlight! Getting that extra insight on how my words may have impacted a member of the adoption community made my heart swell. <3

RR: What advice would you give to help us improve the program in the future?

PB: What advice could I give? There is none! This internship flowed smoothly, and I enjoyed each memorable moment.

RR: Anything you’d like to ask, say or suggest to your Intern Supervisor?

PB: Rachel, you’re amazing. I couldn’t have done any of this without your constant support and positive attitude. How on earth do you manage it all?

RR: What is next for you?

PB: *Drumroll Please* I’m excited to say that I’ll now be working full-time for Adoption Choices! I still can’t believe it. Like I said, this internship changed my life. I could have never guessed that it would become one of the best things to ever happen to me.

About the Author

Rachel RobertsonRachel Robertson is a published journalist, book editor, certified Publishing Specialist, and aspiring novelist. She graduated from Central Washington University (CWU) in March 2011, having found her writing voice within the Creative Nonfiction genre and grew to work as a freelance book editor for small presses all across the United States.

In June 2018, she embarked on an internship with Virginia Frank and came on board with Adoption Choices Inc., Not for Profit 501(c)(3), in December 2018. Between her mutual passion with adoption and surrogacy, and her own personal history with adoption, Rachel is excited to research and share topics each week that will spread awareness and better serve the faithful patrons of Adoption Choices Inc.

When Rachel isn’t haunting her local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble, she’s avidly pouring over her Writer’s Digest subscription or cozying up with a cup of tea and book. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her beloved wife and Border Collie.

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