The Difference Between Multiracial, Transracial, and Interracial Adoptions

By Anabel Sierra

If you are a birth parent who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, then keep reading. We know that an event like this can cause a flurry of emotions like joy, sadness, anxiety, or even fear. You may not know how you can do something like this alone. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to be alone, though. Adoption Choices of Colorado can give you all the resources and knowledge about the options you have. Whether you choose to become a parent, terminate, or put your child up for adoption, we will guide you through everything. 

Open, Semi-Open, Or Closed Adoption

If you have chosen to go the adoption route, this is what we specialize in! Once you are at your appointment with one of our experienced adoption counselors, you will choose your adoption method. There are three methods to choose from: open, semi-open, and closed

  • An open adoption is where you will be able to meet your adoptive family and form a relationship with them. Not only will you be able to meet them, but you will also have continued communication and updates post-placement. 
  • A semi-open adoption is a little more private than an open adoption. This option is where all communication is through a third party like us, with occasional updates from the adoptive family. 
  • A closed adoption, however, is the most private option. This is where both parties will have no contact before, during, or after the placement, and all information will be confidential. While it is not the most commonly chosen option, we understand some situations may warrant it, and we understand that. 

Once you have chosen your method of adoption, you will then learn about all of the different types of adoptions. These types of adoptions are multiracial, transracial, interracial, and many more. 

Transracial, Multiracial, And Interracial Adoptions

So, what is a transracial adoption

  • A transracial adoption is where the baby is a different race from the adoptive family. A transracial adoption is also known as a multiracial or an interracial adoption. 

Going through a transracial/multiracial/interracial adoption can give your child and the adoptive family the opportunity to expand their cultural views. By having this expansion, all parties will be able to see how other cultures live within their own home. Other benefits of a multiracial adoption include:

  • Shattering stigmas 
  • Community connections 
  • Cultural consideration

Reasons to Choose Adoption 

If you are still debating on giving your baby up for adoption, that’s totally okay. We understand that going through adoption is a big life choice. However, we want to make sure that just because you started the adoption process does not mean you need to finish it. As the birth parent, you are allowed to stop the process at any point and not be pressured to finish. Your comfort is our top priority. 

If you need more reasons to consider adoption, then you are in the right place! Here are some other reasons to choose adoption: 

  • Giving your child a better life. If you are unable to afford the care a child needs, that does not make you a bad parent. By realizing your financial limits and choosing adoption, you are not only brave but incredibly responsible.
  • Personal and educational goals. Sometimes, you aren’t ready to become a parent due to your own personal goals. Maybe you are trying to complete a degree or further your career before you settle down with a baby. This is your life and choosing yourself is totally okay! You should not have to feel bad for your choice.
  • Single motherhood. If you are a single parent, raising a child can be incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t have a community. By choosing adoption, you will be giving your child the opportunity to have a supportive family as they grow up. 
  • Too young to be a parent. Putting your child up for adoption can be because you are too young to be a parent. Perhaps you are dealing with a teen pregnancy and feel that giving your baby up for adoption is the only viable choice for you. 

Our Colorado Adoption Agency Is Here For You

If any of these reasons resonate with you, that’s okay and we will not judge you for it. If you need more information on putting your child up for adoption, then visit or call us today. Adoption Colorado Springs is here for you and your baby, no matter what.

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