The Benefits of Single-Parent Adoption

By: Kara Bringewatt  

While many think of a traditional nuclear family as having a father and a mother, there are a growing number of single adoptive parents who are wonderful options for birth mothers considering adoption. In fact, single parents looking to adopt are often very intentional individuals with a lot to offer your child, and they are all too often skipped over in the matching process.

However, single adoptive parents are unique in that they are intentionally choosing single parenthood. They have thought extensively about what that role entails and have outlined plans accordingly. The benefits of single parent adoption are numerous and important to consider in your decision making process. Adoption Choices of Colorado discusses:

Easier Adoption Process

For birth mothers facing unplanned pregnancy and pursuing open adoptions, it can be easier to only get to know one parent. Throughout the interview process, your caseworker will work closely with you to identify and speak with potential candidates. Many of these include typical two parent romantic partners or spouses; however, single parent candidates only require you to get to know and trust one person rather than two.

It can be easier to not have to factor in both potential adoptive parents, as well as their relationship, into your decision making process. Furthermore, since it is so important to have an ongoing close relationship with the adoptive parent(s) in order to follow up on your open adoption contract, the security of knowing you only need to maintain a close and communicative relationship with one person can be stress reducing. 

One Primary Caregiving Figure

It can be really helpful for your child to only have one adult in charge of rules regarding discipline, school, money, etc. These types of parental decisions can oftentimes be a place for disagreements and personal differences between parents in a two-parent household. This confusion and lack of continuity in expectations can actually make it harder for your child and create family conflicts. As a result, this potential for ongoing stress and confusion can be detrimental to a child’s development. However, single parent households allow for a greater sense of unity throughout all decision making processes, since these responsibilities fall on only one adult.

No Juggling of Spouse/Parent Roles

In a traditional two-parent household, parents are serving both the role of partner and guardian. These are both difficult roles that require a lot of time, energy and communication skills. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to balance both and figure out how to prioritize which role at which time. The impacts of both relationship and parenting struggles impact each other as well.

Arguments that may happen between partners can create a lot of stress for children watching their parents fight. Single parents avoid fighting over parenting disagreements, and the situation where two parents are bringing in their own arguments into the family. Having a parent who is not responsible for both the roles in the house can be highly beneficial to your child’s home environment and decrease the stress they are exposed to. Single parents can focus all their attention at home on the parenting role in a way that married adoptive parents rarely can.

Support Network

Single adoptive parents have often thought out having a child extensively. They tend to be financially stable and dedicated to raising a child. Single adoptive parents also understand the deep importance of a support network and other adult figures in your child’s life. While they take on the central primary caregiving role, they often include many others in their support network to assist them.

Children thrive when they have numerous supportive adult figures in their life who love them. Single adoptive parents are often really mindful of this component of child development because unlike two-parent households, they often have very little choice when it comes to needing extended help. In an open adoption, this larger family can also include you and provides your child with the ability to feel confident and safe in their identity throughout their life.

The Benefits of Single Parent Adoption

If you are considering single parent adoption, Adoption Choices of Colorado offers free counseling services to help you discuss your needs and desires, as well as to process any emotions that you are experiencing. There are many benefits of single parent adoption including lots of stability and support for your child. Despite our society’s normative idea of nuclear family structures, a single-parent family is, in no way, lacking in the love and care they can give your child. Many single adoptive parents are beyond grateful for a chance to give your child the best life possible. 

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