The Adoption Process in CO From the Adoptive Parent’s Perspective

Birth moms, putting your baby up for adoption is such a brave yet difficult decision to make. Without a doubt, like all the amazing moms, you are also looking for the absolute best options for your baby. You have probably been going back and forth during your research. At some point, you might have thought “well, what does the adoption process in CO even look like for the people that will adopt my baby?” At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we strive to provide our adoptive parents the comfort that we provide our birth moms with. So, let’s get you familiar with knowing what adoptive parents expect throughout the adoption process. We try to narrow this down for you in this article.

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With 4 Easy Steps, You’ll be on Your Way to Your Child Adoption in Colorado

If you’re worried about what the adoption process in CO will look like for the people that will eventually adopt your baby. Or, if you are already overwhelmed by intensive research about adoption, then you have finally come to the right place. At our adoption agency, the adoption process in CO is narrowed down to four easy-to-understand steps.

  • The very first step is the application that is required to be filled out by parents hoping to adopt. We encourage adoptive parents to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on this application. This is recommended because it allows our staff to not only best accommodate them. But, it also helps with matching your preferences and requirements with the adoptive parents. After we have received the application, we can inform adoptive parents on whether they’ll need to fill out some more forms, and from there, we can then get officially started on the adoption journey!
  • The second step involves a home study. Home studies are a common process for adoptive parents. It’s common to worry about what the adoptive family is really like. It is a birth mother’s worst nightmare to find out that adoptive parents are not who they seem to be after adoption. That’s why the home study is intended to get to know the adoptive parents. Another aspect of the home study is to make adoptive parents familiar with what it will be like to raise your baby once they arrive. Adoption Choices of Colorado strives to provide a home study experience in a way that is comfortable and done in a pleasant, informative, and optimistic manner for adoptive parents. The home study process is essentially intended to help the adoptive parents explore the characteristics that they bring to the table in parenting an adopted child.
  • The third step involves you! This step deals with matching to birth parents and the placement of the baby. Adoption Choices of Colorado tailors the matching procedure to your needs and requirements. You discuss your needs with your caseworker during the adoption process. By the time adoptive parents arrive at this step, their adoptive parent profile will have been made already. Then, our agency presents that adoptive parent profile to various birth parents like you based on their preferences.
  • The fourth step regards post-placement. Post-placement refers to the time period in which your baby is placed with the adoptive parents and up until the time the adoption is ultimately finalized. Child adoption in Colorado requires post-placement contact at two weeks, three months, and six months after placement. Adoptive parents will also have to maintain monthly contact via telephone and/or email. Basically, post-placement serves to obtain important information regarding your baby’s health and development, for example. The main goal is to make sure everything is going well. It also measures the adjustment levels of the new adoptive parents and sees how they’re doing.

As a birth mom, you are probably hoping that your baby’s adoptive parents are trained to appropriately raise your baby. This is why core training is one of the requirements for adoption in Colorado. This involves 16 hours of mandatory face-to-face training for all families looking to adopt.

Adoption Choices of Colorado requires that this core training be accomplished before the placement of your child is finalized. This training is scheduled with our office, and our agency offers these training sessions once a month. Included within these training sessions are guest speakers and even a trainer that assists with raising a newborn baby.

Looking for Adoption Options in Denver, CO?

Adoption Choices of Colorado is the best Colorado adoption agency to go through with your adoption journey. Not only are we experienced with working with a variety of birth mothers and birth parents, but our caseworkers understand the position you are currently in very well. Many of them are adoptive parents so they can best assure you what this process will look like. The depth of understanding we are able to provide, you might not be able to find elsewhere.

Birth moms should also be aware that at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we’re extremely proud to serve our LGBT couples/partners as well as single parents looking to adopt. We’re experienced with providing a diverse range of families to reach their goals regarding their adoption options in Denver, CO. We do not discriminate based on how adoptive families identify, allowing birth moms to choose from a wide range of loving families for their baby.

Adoption in Colorado with Adoption Choices of Colorado

By choosing Adoption Choices of Colorado, you are already setting your foot in the right direction as you are getting closer to safely putting your baby up for adoption! It is our hope that this article may have helped decrease your stress regarding adoption a little bit. You should start envisioning the day your child is placed with loving adoptive parents and beautifully completes their family. Our agency will work hard to make your dreams become a reality. If this resonates with you, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We are so excited to get you started on your adoption journey. Let’s start today!

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