The Adoption Finalization Process in Colorado 

After going through the initial steps of the adoption process, you’re now coming up to the end of your journey. That means you still need to go through the adoption finalization process. This must be done before your child is placed in their adoptive home. The adoption finalization process is an intricate one. There are specific steps your adoption counselor will let you know. There are several responsibilities dedicated to the birth mother and adoptive parents separately. Each finalization can also look different from state to state. However, we at Adoption Choices of Colorado are dedicated to your success. We will let you know how the finalization process is completed. 

In the finalization process, you must consult any laws that handle how to give a baby up for adoption. This includes local and federal laws. Each state has specific laws that are adhered to. 

Colorado State Adoption Consent Laws 

Colorado law states that written consent must be made. This can be done by the agency, social services department, or a birth parent for the adoption to go through. A child’s birth parents must end their parental rights by consenting to the adoption. When doing this, they can issue their consent any time after the child is born. Afterward, adopted parents are granted parental rights after the finalization hearing. 

Consent isn’t needed when parental rights are given up due to the parent being unfit for legal guardian status. If the parent has abandoned the child or failed to provide support, consent is also not required. 

Parents that choose to relinquish must petition the juvenile court. They provide the name of the child and the reasons for relinquishment. Relinquishment can be revoked within 90 days after initial entry.  

Adoption Finalization Steps in Colorado 

First, you as the birth mother must terminate your parental rights.

Before a child can legally be adopted into their new family, the birth parents must legally terminate their parental rights. This is in accordance with consent laws in Colorado. The parental rights are then granted to the adoptive parents afterward. 

Before finalization, adoption agencies in Colorado should’ve been conducted by an adoption specialist as part of the adoption plan. The home study is to make sure the adoptive home Is suitable for your child. An adoption specialist will look into the adoptive family and make sure they’re ready to take in your child. Among other protections placed by the legislature, the adoptive child will often have a caseworker or attorney. They are there to make sure their wishes are heard. The caseworker is there to advocate for your child In the process and will often speak on their behalf. 

Colorado Adoption Finalization Hearing

In an adoption finalization hearing, the judge will issue the final decree for the adoption to be final. The court hearing usually doesn’t take too long and then this will complete the adoption process. The judge will need to swear in your adoption counselor or attorney as well as yourself. Sometimes the judge will ask you, as well as the family, several questions. In the hearing, the judge might ask the adoptive family why they chose to adopt, for example. The caseworker will look over the details of the adoption which include anything of note found during the home study. Then finally, an adoption certificate must be signed by a judge. Your child’s birth certificate will be amended. This is to reflect their adoptive family as their legal guardians instead of you. 

Now is a time for celebration for you and your child’s new family. You can hold a celebration with your child’s adoptive family or with family and friends of your own. A celebration between families can help your child transition between families. 

Post Placement Resources

Receiving post-placement resources is an imperative part of the adoption process. This period is dedicated to a smooth transition between the child and adoptive parents. For the birth mother, this period can mean looking into post-placement counseling. Other resources for birth mothers diluting this period include joining a support group or relocation. Depending on the type of adoption, you can carry on a relationship with your child and their family. 

Start and Finish the Adoption Process with Adoption Choices of Colorado. 

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