Teenage Pregnancy in Colorado

By Bruce Kong

An unplanned pregnancy is a scary experience. Who would have ever thought that at a young age, you’d go through something like this? But life goes on; this pregnancy is something to deal with, whether you like it or not. But maybe you don’t have to struggle alone. A Colorado Adoption may be just the thing you need, and Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to advocate for you and your baby. Being a teenager does not mean your voice is left out—unheard, quite the opposite. You must speak up for yourself and decide what you think will be best for your child.

Whether you’re pregnant and considering adoption or planning to keep the baby, people will voice their opinions; you are the ultimate decision-maker. Remember, you are not alone on this journey. With Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have the necessary resources to ensure that you understand how the Adoption Process works and what happens after it finishes.

This blog will walk you through the steps of adoption and what to expect.

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1. Adoption Agencies and How They Help with Teenage Pregnancy in Colorado

First, choosing an Adoption Agency is the most critical step to complete before

you do anything else. And there are two types of adoption agencies.

  • Public Adoption Agencies: These State-funded agencies are funded by the Department of Social Services, or what you may know as foster care. They aim to restore relationships between the birth parent and child. You may choose this route, but keep in mind that the state has the authority to terminate your relationship with your child should they be introduced into foster care or if any negative consequences were to result in your relationship.
  • Private Adoption Agencies: Private agencies work closely with birth mothers and keep in communication every step of the way. Considering that this route may be more pricey, private adoption agencies will secure a spot for the adoptee to be placed in a safe and loving family.

2. Starting an Adoption Plan

If or when you decide to go through with the Adoption Plan, you will need to consult an adoption professional. Agencies will provide you with an adoption professional that will directly work with you on your needs and may act as the communicator between you and the adoptive parents.

They will also provide you guidance on finding a doctor, which will also turn into prenatal care. And while finding medical assistance is very useful, your adoption professional will understand the Colorado Adoption laws and what they entail. At the core of it all, your adoption professional is your ongoing counselor and planner.

3. Types of Adoptions

This usually entails the amount of communication between birth mothers and adopting families. And depending on the birth mother’s preference, they have three options to select from.

  • Open Adoptions– This allows for both parties to keep in communication. And most birth parents choose an open adoption to build a relationship with the adopting family and maintain a consistent flow of connections with the adoptee. 
  • Semi-closed Adoptions- The Adoption Agency – with your adoption professional – will communicate anything on your behalf to the adopting family. They take care of the logistics of the Adoption Process, discuss what both parties would enjoy doing, and make sure the process runs smoothly. 
  • Closed Adoptions- If you prefer to do so, you go through with a closed adoption, meaning that the birth mother and adopting family have little to no contact. This works for birth mothers who wish to keep their information enclosed. And it helps birth mothers move on from the guilt of adoption. 

4. Selecting Adopting Families

We will provide a list of families for you, and you can choose which family you believe will be a good fit for your child, and the options are not limited either. 

You can choose a two-person household, a family with children, or a single parent. Once you’ve decided on a family, there will be an opportunity for you to chat with them through phone, email, or in person. 

5. Childbirth Preparations

As this nears, you will need to effectively communicate with your adoption professional and adoptive parents to plan a time and place for the hospital, ensuring a smooth process and delivery. 

After you’ve given birth, you will have your final moments with your child: including holding your baby, feeding your baby, and if it is okay with the adoptive parents, you can name the baby too. Legal documents will also come into play but goes at a pace with the birth mother’s preference. 

6. Post-Adoption Plan

A post-adoption plan is a crucial step in your Adoption Process. Birth mothers will need all of the support they can get after giving birth, and there are resources for them to take advantage of. 

One example of a post-adoption plan is finding a birth mother support group. These groups allow birth mothers to gather and release any stress they’ve been experiencing after giving birth. Support groups help a birth mother relieve the emotional and physical stress of post-adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado will also assist you in finding resources for financial and even educational needs, including scholarships and jobs. 

Teenage Pregnancy and Choosing Adoption in Colorado

If you don’t think that adoption is still right for you, then that is completely okay.  It’s a sensitive topic for a lot of teens who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. You will need time to reflect on your decision, and when it’s appropriate, you will probably want to consult family members or a counselor.

Just know that Adoption Choices of Colorado will be here when you need help.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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