Teen Pregnancy Options in Colorado

Due to the free distribution of birth control supplements such as condoms, pills, and more teen pregnancy has decreased tremendously. Not saying that teen pregnancy doesn’t happen because it very much does by affecting girls between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. It is often shown on hit reality TV shows televised on well-known networks. Also, fictional stories can be made into movies that bring awareness, sometimes being played and shown to pre-teens and teens. Though fictional, most of the stories told are translated into real teenage stories telling the story of every teenager facing an unplanned pregnancy. Often because they are so young, teenagers, yourself included, are not privy to many options only to raise the child or terminate the unborn. However, there is another option, adoption

There is where we come in, Adoption Choices of Colorado, to assist you in giving up your baby for adoption. We understand pregnancy does not have a designated age, and teens become pregnant accidentally even when believing they are safe. We won’t judge you because you are young and pregnant, mistakes happen, and we are here to support yourself and your unborn child. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a private adoption agency with different sectors located in different states. If you are in Colorado, we are honored and always open to servicing the locals in said state. 

If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 303-670-4673 (HOPE) or visit us at Adoption Choices of Colorado.

I am a teen and pregnant, but I want to stay in contact with my baby’s adoptive parents. What are the different types of adoption?   

Adoption is the process of a child being legally taken into custody and raised by another family as their own child. In some cases, the child has a relation or no relation with the child. As the birth mother, you have the power to choose the adoptive family and the adoption plan you would like. Here we provide all three adoption plans. 

  • Closed Adoption: A form of adoption where there is no contact between the adoptive parents and yourself. Instead, there will be a third party that will facilitate communication between both parties. That facilitator would be us as the Adoption agency Colorado that will be assisting both of you during the process. You do have the right to choose the adoptive family of your unborn child, though most information will be confidential. It is precisely your choice to pick the adoptive family you don’t have to, such as the last name of the family, their home address, and more sensitive information. Also, your identity will be held confidential during the time of the adoption process. After the child is born and in the custody of the adoptive family, all contact shall be terminated. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption: The type of adoption that is mixed between both closed and open adoption. It is the process of having limited to no contact with the adoptive family that you have the right to choose, as the adoption agency will provide you with parent profiles if you decide to choose the family. Much like closed adoption, we will be the facilitator and communication between both parties, though it won’t be limited like a closed adoption. There will be contact, just not much, and the adoptive parent’s personal information will be withheld. When the adoption is final and the child is in the custody of their adoptive parent, the communication shall be terminated. 
  • Open Adoption: Unlike the other types of adoption, open adoption is much like how it sounds. As the birth mother, you choose the adoptive family with parent profiles provided to you by us. You would give us the preferences that you would like for the potential family. During the process of choosing the family, their identity will contain information that would be considered sensitive. Also, there will be contact between both pirates informed of calls, photos, video conferences, and in-person meets. After the adoption is final, contact will be intact regardless and in different forms, much like during the pregnancy. In some cases, as the birth mother, you can become part of the family if a bond is that significant. 

In your case, the type of Colorado adoption plan you are seeking is open adoption. It will allow you to keep in contact with the adoptive family and your biological child. 

If I keep my baby instead of putting my baby up for adoption, will my life be like the girls on reality TV about teen pregnancy? 

Scenarios such as this often happen when a teen is pregnant with an unplanned baby. They seek confirmation on whether their life will be affected by the baby if they raise him/her. Sometimes such fear can lead a teen to terminate her pregnancy because of the dramatic scenes that take place. Not to mention when depicted on TV, they show the teen moms facing hardships that are extremely serious and can scare any mother at any age. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado wants you to know that shows do not depict your future if you keep your baby. As we say a lot here, reality TV shows are edited with scenes cropped to make the situations being shown seem more detrimental and plagued with drama. It is for TV, and we all know that drama is compelling to watch as viewers of some reality TV shows. We are not saying it won’t be tough as a teen mom because it is tough to even as an adult to raise your child. But, we are against the fear-mongering that teen pregnancy reality TV shows transpire in viewers. 

No. Your life will not be like those you view on TV because everyone’s circumstances are different. Also, as said before, it is a TV show, and drama is shown more often for a reason. 

Will the adoption process affect my current high school schedule due to a lack of free time? 

Not at all. Our goal is to make sure the process moves smoothly while meeting your needs as the birth mother. As an adoption, we support education and want you to receive the most out of it. So, we will definitely like to know your schedule during the beginning of the Colorado adoption process in order to avoid any hiccups and conflicts. 

If You Are Not Supported, And Contemplating Adoption Come to Us We Will Help

As a private adoption agency, we assist those in need 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Serving mothers, even if you are a teen seeking adoption in Colorado, is our goal while marketing adoption to those who feel defeated with no other option. Never hesitate and if you have a question contact us as soon as possible! We have a talented team that will serve you at any point in time. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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