Taking Care of Yourself Through Adoption Pregnancy

By David Seamonson

What about me? The adoption process focuses on what your baby will be able to do after the adoption and where they will end up. Everyone forgets about the process after the plan is created, you have made all the necessary decisions, and now you are trying to figure out what to do. What should you do? You are still pregnant, so how do you focus on yourself when the baby, adoption agency, and adopting family depend on you? It’s about keeping your mental sanity and building upon what is important to you. Our adoption specialists here in Adoption Choices of Colorado are here to help you throughout your adoption journey. Here are five tips to help when taking care of yourself through adoption pregnancy.

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1. Keep in touch with friend through your adoption journey

You are pregnant, not sick. Going and doing things with your friends, coworkers, and family is all things that you should do. Regardless of your personality, having other people involved in your life to talk to and get you out of your house will keep you engaged in life. You cannot stay inside forever, so having excuses to talk to your friends and build new relationships will help you through your pregnancy. 

Adoption agencies and the adopting family care about the baby. Still, you are living with the baby as of right now, and you might not see them again depending on whether you choose an open adoption, closed adoption, or semi-open adoption. So having these people around you to talk to and tell them about what has happened will take the situation’s stress off you.

2. Go for a walk

Going outside and enjoying the fresh air is extremely important. You may be a human incubator, but you are still you. Exercise is still an important thing for your health, and a simple walk will be able to get your blood flowing. In addition, the time you spend outside gives you time to think and reflect. Mental sanity is no joke. You might get a little stir-crazy, so get out there and enjoy the world. It has not completely forsaken you.

3. During this adoption remember to take time for yourself

A little part of your day should be spent just for you. No friends, no family, no phones, and no technology so you can reflect on your day. This time can be a nap to relax, a time to get off your feet, or a time to not worry about work for a while. This can be time spent on a new hobby or in meditation. By taking a little time for yourself, you can come back to socialize with others, refocus on your tasks, or center yourself before going to sleep.

4. Keep an adoption pregnancy journal

Keep a record of your pregnancy and why you chose to come to an adoption agency in Colorado. A journal is a great way to let out thoughts and emotions you cannot understand until you put them on paper. Identifying these emotions can allow you to reflect on your day and what you enjoyed. Would you do a certain action again? What triggered that thought? Questions you would not normally know how to answer can now be answered because you wrote them down.

A journal will also allow you to reflect on why you made the decisions you did so long ago. It is a developing record of why you made the decisions you did. You can look back on your tougher days and reflect on days when you feel better. It is all about figuring out how to see the other side of the coin.

5. Have trust in your choice to pursue adoption

At the beginning of the adoption process, you made a choice to come to an adoption agency. An adoption agency opened its doors to all of its resources and allowed you to make all the decisions you wanted. Whether you chose an open adoption, a closed adoption, or semi-open adoption, you made a choice you did for a reason. You know what you are doing and are living your life again.

Taking Care of Yourself Throughout Your Adoption Journey is Our Number One Priority 

Pregnancy may seem to limit you and what you want to do now, but forgetting to hang onto your other relationships and responsibilities can make the future seem difficult. Keep your friends and family with you, write about them in your journal, go outside with them, and at the end of the day, know that you made your decision for a reason: so you can take time for yourself again.

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