Surrogacy Process in Colorado

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Surrogacy in Colorado

Ready to become a parent? Interested in becoming a surrogate in Colorado? If you are researching Gestational Surrogacy in Colorado and searching for a surrogate agency to help, we are a full-service, licensed surrogacy agency providing a complete range of surrogacy services. We match surrogates with intended parents and do all the legal work. Our surrogate matching services take into account your specific needs and requirements, as well as those of our gestational surrogate candidates.

Colorado has one of the most surrogacy-friendly judicial systems in the country. Colorado courts routinely grant intended parents pre-birth parentage orders (PBOs) before the baby is delivered. Your name(s) goes on the birth certificate and there’s no lengthy and expensive adoption. Additionally, surrogate compensation is legal in Colorado. Surrogacy in Colorado is a beautiful, safe way to grow your family or carry a baby for intended parents.

Key Surrogacy Terms and Definitions

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Gestational vs. Traditional Surrogacy Part I

Traditional vs. Gestational

The History and Future of Surrogacy

history of surrogacy

Gestational vs. Traditional Surrogacy Part II

gestational surrogacy vs traditional surrogacy

Independent vs. Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

ind vs agency assisted

Connecting Surrogates with Intended Parents

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Advantages of a Colorado Surrogacy:

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado will ensure your surrogacy journey is completely ethical and legal. Our surrogate agency has the expertise to complete all necessary paperwork to protect intended parents and surrogates. We will follow up with any medical professionals involved in the process and ensure they too follow legal surrogacy standards. We navigate state laws for both intended parents and surrogates to ensure safe surrogate and intended parent matching as well as protect all parties involved in the egg donation agreement (if applicable) and the surrogacy agreement.

A few more advantages to choosing surrogacy in Colorado:

  1. Surrogacy is legal in Colorado.
  2. It is legal to compensate surrogates in Colorado – i.e. you can pay a surrogate mother.
  3. Intended parents will receive a judgment establishing that they are the child’s legal parents.
  4. Intended parents name(s) will be on the child’s birth certificate after they have completed the legal process.
  5. You have the best surrogacy agency working on your side.

If you are considering gestational surrogacy to help fulfill your dreams of having children, or are a gestational surrogate/carrier that would love to help out with another family, here are 10 benefits of choosing gestational surrogacy in Colorado:

  1. Gestational Surrogacy helps Intended Parents who are Infertile or have concerns about Pregnancy
  2. Same Sex Parents are able to have Children
  3. Single Parents can use Gestational Surrogacy to have Children
  4. Gestational Surrogacy ensures that the Baby will go to the Intended Parents
  5. Intended Parents can have a Genetic Link to the Child
  6. Gestational Carriers are likely to have a Successful Pregnancy
  7. There are less Legal Complications involved with Gestational Surrogacy
  8. Gestational Surrogacy gives Intended Parents the option to have Egg or Sperm Donors
  9. Intended parents can Maintain a Relationship with the Gestational Carrier
  10. Gestational surrogacy is supported at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado.


Surrogacy Process in Colorado:

With the right surrogacy team on your side, the surrogacy process can be a seamless set of tasks. We begin with a free consultation to discuss your surrogacy considerations, wants, and needs — your unique circumstance! Matching is the next followed by screenings, the surrogacy agreement and the IVF process. We will work out the legalities and establish parental rights before the baby is even born. Once your little one arrives you can rest easy, confident that your surrogacy journey was a success!

  1. Use the form below to contact Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado and begin with a free consultation.
  2. Meet the team and sign an agency agreement.
  3. Finding and matching w/the best gestational carrier / intended parents.
  4. Medical screenings for all parties.
  5. Sign the surrogacy agreement.
  6. Pregnancy, birth, congratulations!


Surrogate Mother Pay | Surrogacy Compensation

There is often compensation for surrogacy and while you may be searching for the highest paying surrogacy agency – what’s most important is that the agency is clear about their compensation package.

Be on the lookout for surrogacy professionals who mislead surrogates about compensation. “Surrogate pay” by definition, is a base compensation that a woman is paid for her services as a gestational carrier. This is payment for her — to do with as she wants. It is paid out in installments (usually after pregnancy is confirmed) and at an agreed-upon rate by both a surrogate and her intended parents. When it comes to surrogate income, its “meaning” is typically interpreted as the compensation paid to a surrogate with no strings attached.

Some surrogacy professionals will include other payments in a woman’s surrogate compensation, which can get confusing. When you research surrogacy professionals, you may find that some promise higher compensation rates. Often, it’s because these professionals include the money that will be paid to you in order to cover surrogacy expenses. This isn’t free money to do with as you wish; it’s money that you’ll have to use for your surrogacy journey such as travel costs, maternity clothes, medical expenses, and other pregnancy related costs.

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is upfront about surrogacy compensation – what expenses will be covered and your base compensation. We do not try to mislead surrogates nor intended parents. Our commitment to honest, legal surrogacy practices is what makes our surrogacy agency the best in Colorado.

If you are searching the internet for gestational carrier agencies in Colorado or surrogate agency or surrogacy agencies near me, you have found the best licensed agency in Colorado. We provide support for surrogates in Colorado as well as intended parents. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado offers a range of services, local resources, and high-quality professionals!


If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, have you read the eligibility requirements?

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