Surrogacy in Colorado

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A surrogate mom, also called a gestational carrier, is a woman who carries a child for someone else who cannot carry a pregnancy to birth. It is our mission to provide exceptional service throughout the surrogacy process. We ensure that you have legal representation, medical care, and hands-on support for the entire surrogacy process in Colorado.


Intended parents are, in many cases, people who have tried for years to have a biological child, either naturally or through the in vitro process or people who cannot have biological children on their own, such as same-sex couples. We work with individuals and families in Colorado who need the help of a surrogate and/or a genetic donor to create their family. 

Surrogacy Process in Colorado 

Ready to become a parent? Want to become a surrogate mother in Colorado? We match gestational carriers with intended parents. Surrogacy in Colorado is a beautiful way to grow your family or carry a baby for intended parents.

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Surrogacy Agency in Colorado

Why should intended parents work with a surrogacy agency? Why should a surrogate or gestational carrier work with a surrogacy agency? Who is the highest paying surrogacy agency? What are the pro’s and advantages of working with a surrogacy agency in Colorado?

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Surrogacy Definitions

Surrogacy. Intended Parents. Gestational Carriers. What does it all mean? We help define surrogacy terms so you can best understand the surrogacy process! 

Surrogacy Terms…

surrogacy compensation ColoradoSurrogacy Compensation

Searching for the highest paying surrogacy agency in Colorado doesn’t mean you will find the best surrogacy agency in Colorado. Surrogacy Choices of Colorado offers competitive compensation packages for gestational surrogates. We also offer full support through the surrogacy process. This includes medical expenses, legal support, matching, counseling, and other various allowances and support. While there is no one plan that covers all situations, a surrogate with us can expect generous compensation.

Who is a Surrogate?

A surrogate, also known as a gestational carrier is a woman who carries a baby for an individual or couple. At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado we specialize in gestational surrogacy and help women become a surrogate mother. 

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Who are Intended Parents?

Intended Parents are individuals or couples who cannot conceive on their own – for any reason – and choose surrogacy to build their family. We are the best surrogacy clinic in Colorado to help with your surrogacy journey.

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Is surrogacy legal in Colorado?

Yes! There is no statute or published case law that prohibits gestational surrogacy in Colorado. 

Surrogacy law is constantly evolving and changing. The laws are different from state-to-state, and sometimes even from county-to-county. 

How much money are surrogates paid?

The base compensation for gestational surrogates in Colorado ranges from $45,000 to $65,000. First-time surrogates earn a base compensation and usually an additional monthly allowance for miscellaneous expenses. Repeat surrogates can often earn more. While compensation packages are attractive with Surrogacy Choices of Colorado, our full line of surrogacy services and care provided to surrogates is what sets us apart from other agencies. 

What are the surrogate fees?

Surrogate compensation might include:

  • Fee for gestational surrogate (experienced gestational surrogates may command higher compensation) 

  • Monthly incidentals (travel to doctors appointments, parking, childcare, FedEx, faxes, healthy diet, vitamins, etc.) 

  • Housekeeping allowance 

  • Maternity clothing allowance 

  • Health insurance for surrogate (premiums, co-pays and deductibles) 

  • Life insurance for surrogate 

  • Embryo transfer fee 

  • Group/individual support meeting allowance 

  • Stipend for surrogate’s independent attorney 

Possible additional compensation might include:

  • Multiple pregnancy

  • Additional transfer fee (per transfer, as necessary) 

  • Fee for travel and lodging expenses if surrogate lives 100+ miles from IVF clinic 

  • Invasive procedures 

  • Caesarean section 

  • Loss of uterus 

  • Childcare during doctor ordered bed rest 

  • Surrogate lost wages

  • Companion travel (if desired, for invasive procedures only) 

  • Companion lost wages 

Do I need a lawyer for surrogacy?

Yes. A surrogacy lawyer is extremely important. Intended parents often turn to surrogacy attorneys for help navigating the gestational surrogacy journey. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado ensures you are legally represented and supported. 


If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, have you read the eligibility requirements?

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