Surrogacy and the Chance for Multiples  

The Colorado Surrogacy process is a bit complicated, and there are several aspects that people may not understand. One of those aspects is the idea of multiples. In the case of surrogacy and becoming a surrogate mother, multiples refers to multiple embryos in the surrogate mother. In gestational surrogacy, often multiple embryos are implanted in a surrogate via in vitro fertilization. The reason behind using multiple embryos during each round of in vitro fertilization would be to increase the likelihood of success; however, this introduces the risk of having a multiple pregnancy — meaning twins or even triplets. Although with modern technology, this is less likely, it is still something that could happen. The surrogacy process is tricky, and if you have any related questions, Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is a good place to start. Here you can learn more about surrogacy and the chance for multiples.

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 What Are The Odds of Me Having Multiples?  

As in vitro fertilization has become more popular over the past years, the technology and resources behind it have also become more advanced. While multiple births are possible anytime more than one embryo is implanted into a uterus — which is very commonplace in most surrogacy situations, implanting multiple embryos doesn’t necessarily guarantee multiple births. It does certainly make it more likely, though.

Another thing to note is that almost all multiples that occur during Colorado surrogacy are fraternal, meaning that each individual fetus grows from its own unique embryo. Back before, in vitro fertilization was as common as it is today, and the technology was not as advanced. Multiples were much more likely.

Today, multiple births are not guaranteed, and there is much more refinement and precision in the techniques and procedures involved. These days, multiple embryos are always offered, but it is only done if both the permanent parents and surrogate mother agree upon it. This is determined early on in the process, so it will not be a shock at all. Therefore, unless you or the mother really want to have multiple births, the likelihood is low.  

Should I Go For Multiples?  

If multiples are something that you may be interested in, there are definitely things to consider first. Something that you should definitely be aware of if you are thinking of becoming a Colorado surrogate mother, one of the most common risks of carrying twins or triplets is premature birth. When premature birth happens, babies may be required to stay in a neonatal or newborn intensive care unit, also known as a NICU. When this happens, it is very costly for parents, both financially and personally, and emotionally. Another financial consideration to keep in mind is the increased cost of having twins or triplets. According to healthcare experts, an estimated increase in medical costs for delivery and newborn care is upwards of four times greater than for single baby deliveries. If you’re having triplets, that price shoots up by almost 12 times. That is certainly something to keep in mind.  

Are Multiples in Colorado Surrogacy Something I Should Think About?  

Unless you specifically decide you want multiple births and go out of your way for them, it is not something for you to be worried about. The odds of accidentally creating multiples even after having multiple embryos implanted during the in vitro fertilization process are much lower today than they used to be, thanks to our advanced modern surrogacy technology. If multiples are indeed something you think you’d be interested in, however, then you should definitely be aware of the costs that could come along with that decision. Either way, a good place to start your journey would be Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado. You’ll be able to gain any information you may need and be able to get any resources you need access to, as well as answers to any questions you may have about being a surrogate mother, the Colorado surrogacy process, or surrogacy and adoption in general.  

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