Support Groups For Birth Mothers in Colorado

By Connor Shelton

Choosing to place a baby up for adoption is one of the hardest tasks a birth mother can face. It forces one to acknowledge that they’re not ready or capable of raising a child at this time. This can be uncomfortable to process, given it seems to suggest failure. Let it be clear that adoption does not make you a failed mother. Instead, it shows how selfless birth mothers are when they place their child’s needs above their own. It’s why adoption can be so difficult for people and why we’re here. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we seek to provide you with the counseling and emotional support you need during and after your pregnancy. Here’s how to go about things.

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You’re Not Alone In Colorado

It’s natural for birth mothers to feel confused, afraid, and saddened when they find out they’re pregnant. You didn’t expect this to happen and know that you have a lot to go through. Support is key as you go through your pregnancy, adoption process, and post-placement period. It might be hard to open up at first, given how personal this is. We understand, but we also encourage you to share because the act of talking can be liberating. Sharing your emotions with a counselor can give you power over your situation. At the same time, your counselor or private adoption specialist will simply listen and provide comfort. They’ll give you the control needed to accept what you’re going through.

Support Groups for Birth Mothers who Choose Private Adoption in Colorado

If you don’t already know this, support groups are meant to connect people with shared experiences. It is here that you can express your feelings, coping mechanisms, and advice you have to other birth mothers. Conversely, they’ll share their struggles and experiences with you, allowing all to grow together.

When it comes to specific support groups for birth mothers, there is a variety that you can choose from. Whether it be Birthmom Buds, DailyStrength, or Lifetime Healing, these groups are here to help you focus on healing at your own pace. That’s because grief is an emotion not subject to schedules and timetables. You can be fresh from post-placement or several years removed from when your child was adopted. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, grief is grief, and these support groups understand this. It’s why they exist, so they can give a space where it’s okay for everyone to talk about the sensitive side of adoption.

Counseling Resources for a CO Adoption

Perhaps the most difficult time for birth mothers is when the adoptive parents officially take their baby. You’ll no doubt want to share what you feel, but not with a whole group of people. That’s perfectly fine. Some thoughts are confidential, which is why Adoption Choices of Colorado offers free and private counseling sessions. Unlike the support groups, which are made up of women from any number of backgrounds, you’ll be talking with a trained professional. Don’t let their credentials intimidate you, though. They’re just here to help you unpack all the tough emotions.

Beyond counseling for yourself, we also offer services for the child’s birth father (assuming he is present and supportive). Likely, he’s just as emotionally vulnerable as you, so we mustn’t overlook him. After all, if you don’t open up, one person’s emotional turmoil can theoretically ricochet onto everyone else. It’s why we provide counseling for other family members, though only for those involved in the birth mother’s life. By covering all these bases, we can ensure that any pain you feel doesn’t overwhelm anyone.

It’s Okay to Choose Adoption in Colorado

At the end of the day, we want you to know that what you’re doing is okay. Accepting this reality goes a long way in helping you through the post-adoption blues. After all, if you understand that your choice is selfless, you’ll be less inclined to beat yourself over adoption. Of course, this isn’t to say that you won’t experience grief or sorrow. It’ll still hurt to see them go, but that’s perfectly normal.

Knowing the burdens of private adoption in Colorado, we want to stress that it’s normal to look to others for comfort. Sometimes your family won’t quite understand the pain you’re going through. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re sharing too much. In any event, know that counseling is here specifically for your needs. By talking with other birth mothers and/or a counselor, you’ll be one step closer to a brighter and happier future.

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