Same Sex Adoptions

Adoption is an amazing journey that helps place children in loving homes where they can grow and flourish. For those within the LGBTQ community, adoption offers same sex couples the opportunity to start their own families. However, while attitudes toward same sex couples and the LGBTQ community have changed for the better in recent years, there are still various complexities involved in the process of same sex adoption.

Why do Same Sex Couples choose Adoption?

Biological limitations prevent same sex couples from conceiving children naturally. Some same sex couples may choose methods of assisted reproduction such as surrogacy or IVF to conceive children who are biologically related to at least one parent. It is ultimately up to prospective parents to choose what method works best for their family. Moreover, we recommend Researching all of your options. 

In the United States, nearly a quarter of same sex couples are raising adopted children. Expectant parents match with same sex couples on the basis that they will love and care for their adopted child. With more progressive laws and education, public attitudes toward same sex couples raising children are changing for the better. More and more expectant parents are matching with same sex couples every day.

Restrictions Against Same Sex Adoption

For the most part, the United States has a very progressive stance toward same sex adoption. Court rulings following the 2015 decision to legally allow same sex marriage have leaned in favor of removing restrictions against same sex adoption. In fact, the only state that has a firm law against same sex adoption is Mississippi. Despite a judge overruling laws in the state that prevented same sex couples from adopting, the law is still upheld in Mississippi.

Recently, Kansas and Oklahoma have adopted laws that allow religious-based groups to turn away gay couples seeking to adopt on the grounds that it violates their religious beliefs. Tennessee is close to ratifying a similar law. These laws simply protect religious organizations’ right to continue the practice legally, as it has gone on in the past.

Same sex prospective adoptive parents should seek out open LGBTQ community agencies that have a history of successful placements. Adoption Choices is happy to abide by Colorado’s laws regarding same sex adoption and has a long history of placing children with same sex couples. Here are some tips to follow when searching for an LGBTQ friendly adoption agency:

  • Ask questions – If an experienced agency working with same sex couples is your main concern, then it is best to be upfront about it. You should voice your concerns from the beginning to ensure that your agency hears them. Your agency may also be willing to provide you with references from previous clients.
  • Get Recommendations – Friends and family members who have gone through the process of adoption as a same sex couple are excellent resources when it comes to finding the right agency. Their experience with the process can help you to identify your needs when it comes to finding a supportive agency.
  • Go Online – There are online forums and groups that are specifically tailored to provide advice and tips to same sex prospective adoptive parents. Facebook is a great way to find these groups and get firsthand accounts of the experiences of other same sex couples.

Same Sex Adoption Myths

There are a lot of harmful myths that negatively affect prevailing attitudes regarding same sex adoptions. These ideas have gained traction over time despite a lack of evidence to support them. Here are some common questions regarding the negative effects of same sex adoption and research-backed answers.

Q: Is it Better For Children To Have A Male Parent And A Female Parent?

A: We should not ignore the benefits of being raised by two loving parents. However, studies have shown that same sex parents have no inherent limitations when it comes to parenting. The same study states that: “…there is no evidence to suggest that lesbian women or gay men are unfit to be parents or that psychological development among children of lesbian women or gay men is compromised relative to that among offspring of heterosexual couples.”

Q: Are Children With Same Sex Parents More Likely To Be Gay Themselves?

A: The belief is still very prevalent among those opposing same sex adoption. However, there is not a single study that supports this claim. In fact, many households that were headed by heterosexual couples raised most gay individuals. That alone should be enough to dispel the idea that an individual’s sexuality directly correlates to their parent’s sexual preferences.

Q: Will Bullying Take Place Towards a Child With Same Sex Parents? 

A: There is no reason to believe that a higher chance of bullying within a child with same sex parents is more likely than any other child. Unfortunately, bullying affects most children for various reasons, none of which are ever justified. No research suggests that bullying takes place towards children of same sex couples more than any other children.

Same Sex Adoption

Same sex prospective adoptive parents should do research on everything from LGBTQ friendly agencies to the laws of their state. Unfortunately, there is still not a universal acceptance of same sex adoption across the United States. However, same sex couples deserve the opportunity to raise families, and agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado are happy to make that happen. We will help you to navigate the complexities of the adoption process and support you on your journey!

Adoption Choices of Colorado

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