Top 5 Reasons Why a Birth Will Decline an Adoptive Parent Match in Colorado 

By Melissa Camacho

Are you overwhelmed with trying to find the best adoptive parent match for your baby? Adoption Choices of Colorado can help you search for an adoptive family that matches your preferences. If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Colorado, you have a wide range of adoption options. You may want to consider all or part of the options available. Although you feel you cannot raise a child, you can still play a role in your child’s love and growth. By allowing your child to experience your nature and culture, you show how much you value your love for your child.

 It can be an emotional experience going through an unplanned pregnancy and relinquishing your parental rights. As adoption professionals, we aim to minimize the stress and weight of obstacles when pursuing a Denver adoption. Choosing an adoptive family is a big step in creating a suitable adoption plan. It’s a phase that sets the path for your child’s maturity, development, compassion, integrity, and independence. Selecting the right adoptive family involves setting your priorities and the process of elimination. To give you an insight, below are a few reasons why a birth mother may decline an adoptive parent match.

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Reasons Why a Birth Will Decline an Adoptive Parent Match

1. Differences in Choosing Type of Adoption 

The type of adoption determines the level of contact you will have with the adoptive family. This is a key step in the adoption process. Three types of adoption include open adoption, semi-adoption, and closed adoption. Open adoption will allow you to share as much information and have as much contact with the adoptive family. You can arrange family visits, communicate through social media, send photos, and make many phone calls. A semi-adoption will include a limited amount of contact where you and the adoptive family can communicate through an adoption agency or third party. Finally, to avoid having any contact with the adoptive family and just prefer to complete the adoption and move on, you would want a closed adoption. 

The adoptive family may disagree with the type of adoption you choose. In this case, you may give it a second thought or just look for another adoptive that will comply with your decision. Adoption Choices of Colorado will help you finalize your choice’s adoption. You can change the type of adoption only before you sign the legal adoption placement documents.

2. Single or Two-Parent Adoptive Family Household

Some birth mothers feel their child will learn more growing up in a single-parent or married couple household. It all comes down to what you consider the pros and cons of each. For instance, a child growing up in a single-parent household will get more undivided attention and learn about independence. However, your child may become emotional due to an absence from a mother or father. If this is a great concern, you may want a married couple or a two-parent household. Choosing a same-sex married couple is beneficial to teach your child about diversity and compassion towards others. Still, your child may also experience a lack of a mother or father’s presence. 

We will not judge your preferences in selecting the type of adoptive parents you want for your child. Take the time to think of what you feel is best for your child. Remember, you have the right to create a personalized and customizable adoption plan with a private adoption agency in Colorado.

3. Unsafe Home Environment 

A safe and healthy home environment is one of the most important factors to consider in placing your baby for adoption. Although having a loving and caring family to support your child is essential, your child’s health is just as important. An unsafe or unhealthy home environment contributes to illnesses and injuries. Every home must have safety protocols and equipment for fire hazards, rodents, and poisonous chemicals. Moreover, you want your child to live in a clean environment. A home surrounded by excessive dirt, rust, and clutter can attract rodents and, at times, cause hazards. 

A home study usually inspects housing conditions to avoid placing your child in an unsafe or unhealthy home environment. A caseworker conducts home studies to investigate the adoptive family’s property, background checks, and face-to-face interviews. If the adoptive family does not meet the qualifications to raise your child in a healthy home, the adoptive family may be disqualified. 

4. Different Religious Beliefs / Background Do Not Correlate With Your Beliefs as a Birth Mother

You may or may not prefer an adoptive family to be part of a religion. Some birth mothers are strong believers and feel their child should grow within the same belief system. Birth mothers may feel a desire for their children to learn and grow from the same point of view and expand the practice of their religion. A birth mother may develop a stronger bond with the adoptive family and her child if the adoptive family shares similar beliefs. 

 Other birth mothers may feel there can be disagreements with the adoptive family due to differences in beliefs, values, or interests. In some cases, however, a birth mother may be open to all types of religious backgrounds. She may feel it can educate your child to grow to be more open-minded and respectful towards other people who come from different religious beliefs.

It’s up to you if you want to accept an adoptive family with a similar religious background or not. You may also not be interested in selecting an adoptive family that wants your child to grow up with similar religious beliefs. On the other hand, you may also want or not want a family with different religious beliefs.

5. Adoptive Family May Have Pets 

Of course, many of our birth mothers are pet lovers across Colorado. You may or may not be one of them. The great thing about a child being around pets is that a child may develop compassion for animals. Pets are fun for most children to be around. However, many birth mothers may also worry about their child being allergic to pets. This is why birth mothers bypass adoptive families with pets in the household. When a caseworker visits the family during the home study process, you will also learn about their household information.

Take Your Time in Considering the Best Adoptive Family for Your Child

Every birth who experiences an unplanned pregnancy has her unique situation and sets her priorities. Adoption Choices of Colorado is an inclusive adoption agency that embraces birth mothers from different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Visit our waiting families profile page to learn about a diverse adoptive community that wants to adopt a child. Each profile features interactive, user-friendly icons that allow you to navigate through digital flipbooks and access their contact information.

We create a strong adoption community by valuing our birth mothers to explore adoption options in Colorado. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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