Pros and Cons of LGBTQ+ Adoptions in Colorado

By Charley Lustig

Love is in the air! Inclusion and diversity are finally catching fire within society, and differences are being celebrated. The LGBTQ+ community is finally being recognized and represented by the general public. According to Colorado legislation, LGBTQ+ adoptive parents are protected by a number of nondiscrimination laws. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have a strict no-discrimination policy. Therefore, we welcome everyone regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, and religion. Our mission is to provide the proper care for all participants in the adoption process

We cover more than how to give your baby up for adoption. Our adoption agency wants to inform you of all possible adoption options to ensure the best fit for you. Here, we will discuss one of the very possible adoption options for birth mothers- choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption. 

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What Does an LGBTQ+ Adoption Mean for Birth Mothers?

At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have a variety of families waiting to become adoptive parents, including those of the LGBTQ+. Our private adoption agency enforces a number of vigorous background checks for every adoptive parent or couple. The safety and welfare of you and your child are a top priority in this process. 

What makes our adoption agencies in Colorado so successful is our focus on the birth mother. As the birth mother, you are rightfully given the opportunity to choose your child’s adoptive family. With your adoption plan, you will be able to meet with adoptive families and discuss important matters like open adoption

As mentioned before, some couples or parents are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. If you discover shared standards and expectations with an LGBTQ+ family, you can choose them to be your adoptive family. An LGBTQ+ Adoption simply refers to this community’s involvement in your adoption plan

Pros of LGBTQ+ Adoptions

When placing your baby for adoption, you want to be sure that you are doing well with your decision. Here are some general benefits of placing your child under the care of an LGBTQ+ person or couple: 

  • Building Families with LGBTQ+ Adoptions

One of the most amazing aspects of adoption is the creation of a family. There are many reasons members of the LGBTQ+ may look towards adoption. But in all cases, these are people who are not only wanting to begin their parenting journey but are ready. In choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption, you can be assured that your child will be loved and cared for.

  • Open Minded 

Unfortunately, some LGBTQ+ members face unnecessary judgment for their identities. Therefore they understand the importance of being tolerant and accepting others. Your child will be shown this set of values in an effort to combat the negativity of the world. They will be shown not to turn away from differences but to face them with a sense of curiosity. All in all, your child may be more open-minded due to having an LGBTQ+ adoptive family.  

  • Beauty of Individuality

Societal norms have the habit of pressuring people from developing into the fullest versions of themselves- especially LGBTQ+ members. Due to this experience, LGBTQ+ adoptive families know the importance of individuality. This will then translate into a safe environment for your child to grow into the fullest version of themselves. They will not only know but value individuality and see it through a beautiful lens.

Cons of LGBTQ+ Adoptions

In every decision, it is important to determine possible negatives. These are by no means fixed outcomes when choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption. Please remember there are always ways to prevent and/or reduce these outcomes. 

  • Possible Prejudice 

Although the world is evolving to be more inclusive, there are still those who are not respectful of the LGBTQ+ community. This may result in your child being more prone to bullying or discrimination. Keep in mind everyone goes through similar challenges, and most often, they come out stronger with thicker skin. 

  • False Impressions

Sadly, many people are quick to make assumptions about those they know little about. Your child may find themselves being stereotyped more due to their LGBTQ+ adoptive family. But with the right support, your child will not care about false assumptions. They will be unfazed and unimpacted by those false impressions. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado Supports Birth Mothers

We understand the responsibilities and pressures of a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our agency wants to help provide you with the care and guidance you need in making those choices about adoption. If you choose an LGBTQ+ Adoption or not, Adoption Choices of Colorado wants you to make the best decision. By providing you with a general understanding of LGBTQ+ Adoptions, we hope we have made your adoption journey clearer. 

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