Private Adoption in Colorado

By Alexis Watson

When considering adoption, it’s critical that you, as the birth mother, are aware of the types of adoption available. Knowing which types of adoption are available in Colorado will empower you to make the best decision. 

Putting your child up for adoption is a life-changing experience. Despite some of the common misperceptions about adoption, adoption is a lifelong journey. Adoption is a life-changing experience that you don’t have to do alone. Adoption Choices of Colorado is a private adoption agency providing adoption services to birth mothers and adoptive families.

What is Private Adoption In Colorado?

Adoption is misperceived as the birth family giving their baby up for adoption and walking away. That is not always the case. There are two types of adoption: private adoption and public adoption. While public adoption is very limiting of the rights the birth mother has, private adoption is the opposite. Private adoption provides birth mothers with more benefits and rights during the adoption process. Due to these benefits, private adoption is the most common type of adoption. 

Private adoption is very empowering as birth mothers have more liberties and rights during the adoption process. It allows birth mothers to be a part of the entire process from start to finish. No decisions are made without the birth mother’s input. You, as a birth mother, will make each throughout the process. Private adoption allows birth mothers to place their child directly into the arms of an adoptive loving family. Birth mothers have the ability to review and choose the adoptive family of their choice. Private adoptions also allow birth mothers to determine communication levels and style. Birth mothers can decide to have open communication with the adoptive family or none at all. The communication style depends on the comfort of the birth mother. 

There are many adoption agencies that assist birth mothers with their private adoptions. Our adoption experts at Adoption Choices of Colorado specialize in managing private adoptions. We assist birth mothers by guiding them through the entire adoption process. We also help center birth mother voices when making a lot of those adoptive decisions. 

Private vs. Public Adoption In Colorado

When considering adoption in Colorado Springs or within Colorado, it’s important to know the two types of adoption. Birth mothers have the choice of private adoption or will experience public adoption. The two are not the same, and they don’t offer the same benefits. 

As mentioned earlier, private adoption is voluntary. Private adoption is the conscious decision of the birth mother to create a more secure future for their child. The birth mother has control over the needs and wants for the caretaking of her child. Private adoptions are handled through an adoption agency of birth mothers’ choice. The majority of these adoptive agencies provide assistance and support to the birth mothers. Most of those services are provided during the pregnancy. Depending on the agency, they offer post-adoption services to the birth mother as well. The birth mother and her child are the center focus in private adoptions.

Public adoption is very limiting to the benefits or rights the birth mother has. Public adoptions, unlike private adoptions, are not voluntary. Public adoptions occur when the fostering family decides to adopt the child permanently. Unlike private adoption, children are placed in foster care as a rehabilitative measure for parents who lost their parental rights. This type of adoption is managed by the state, which makes decisions based on the well-being of the child. Birth mothers nor birth families have any say in what fostering family the child is placed with. As public adoptions are rehabilitative measures, the goal is to reunite the child with their biological family. 

Private Adoption Success Stories

As a private adoption agency, we’ve worked with thousands of birth mothers at Adoption Choices of Colorado. We pride ourselves on putting our birth mother and her needs first. Here are some of our success stories:

  • I knew a lot more clearly than some that placing your baby for adoption doesn’t mean giving up on your baby. It just means you want a better life for your baby.”
  • “Thinking of my options due to an unplanned pregnancy, I came to the adoption journey scared, feeling alone, and nowhere to turn. After talking to and meeting with Christy [adoption expert at Adoption Choices of Colorado], my fears and uncertainty seem to disappear. She reassured me that the adoption plan could be anything I wanted, that this was my baby and I could choose what I wanted.”

Private adoption is the most common type of adoption for our birth mothers. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want each of our birth mothers to feel empowered throughout their adoption journey. We also want our birth mothers to feel supported during this period of their life. 

Adoption Resources in Colorado

If you’re giving your baby up for adoption and are considering private adoption. give us a call. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we help birth mothers with their unplanned pregnancy. We are a private adoption agency providing birth mothers with support in selecting an adoptive family. Our agency also provides emotional support, counseling, and financial assistance to those eligible. 

If you need adoption resources or adoption assistance, give us a call today. 

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