Post-Placement Adoption Options 

By Anna Keller

Are you in the process of placing your baby for adoption? If so, you might be wondering what happens after birth. Adoption can be difficult, from dealing with an unplanned pregnancy to finding the right family. But what about the aftermath? Does it get easier? Adoption is a complicated process, and there is no simple, immediate answer to that question. If you are looking for information on adoption in Colorado, then we are here to help. Adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Colorado have a plethora of resources.

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a private Colorado adoption agency. They specialize in helping you not only during but after your pregnancy. With assistance, you will form your own adoption plan. But what about the emotional tolls of the adoption process in Colorado? You may want to look into counseling. This is perfectly normal and does not make you weak to ask for help. Processing emotions is important not only for you but for the health of your baby. That is why one option of counseling post-placement is grief counseling.  

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Adoption Grief Counseling  

You may not know if you will even grieve your baby at all. But if you do, that is also perfectly normal. It’s valid, even. You have just given birth to your child, who you have to give away. It’s normal to feel sad. In fact, your grief may blindside you. You may be expecting to feel relief that you no longer have the responsibility of bearing a child. But instead, you are battered with sorrow. So how do you deal with this? How do you cope? The number one thing to remember is that you should not feel obligated to go it alone. Grief counselors exist for this very reason. You can lean on others for support during this emotional time.

You have just given birth to a baby; it is normal to grieve your loss. They were a part of you for nine months, after all. Expecting to bounce back immediately after birth is a fallacy. Placing that expectation on birth mothers is harmful to all women for lots of reasons. First, it propagates the idea that women are invincible and immune to any harmful effects of birth. This includes both the physical and the emotional effects. Naming women as these immovable fortresses of steel bolsters the illusion that birth is easy. It’s better to face reality for what it is. Reconciling with the notion that birth is not easy is better than pretending that it is.  

Grief counselors will help you process all your feelings about your baby. You may be feeling inadequate for not being able to parent yourself. But if you are not ready to parent, that is not your fault. That is why adoption exists. It is important to remember that by adopting out your baby, you are doing a good thing. Not only are you giving your baby a chance at life, but you also give a couple a chance to be parents.  

Birth Mother Post-Placement Adoption Support Groups 

Adoption in Colorado, through Adoption Choices of Colorado, also includes support groups. This is another post-placement service offered to birth mothers. Why are support groups important? Why should a birth mother be interested in them? For starters, it can be fruitful to connect with others who have gone through something similar to you. Finding other kindred spirits can be incredibly helpful to the healing process. Talking to a counselor is great, but ultimately, support groups witness a rawer kind of healing. There is something special about connecting with somebody going through an experience that mirrors yours. You will feel less strange and disconnected from the world. You will ground yourself again, finding your place. Furthermore, it can even lead to friendship.  

One support group through Adoption Choices of Colorado is Lifetime Healing. What makes Lifetime Healing special? What separates it from other support groups? Not only do women have the space to individually share their stories, but the president composed a curriculum. It isn’t what it sounds like; it is not like school. Rather, it is a manual on post-placement care that women can follow. Its materials include advice on how to care for yourself during the early stages of post-placement.  

Financial Assistance and Overall Support for Post-Placement Adoption

Another option for post-placement service is financial assistance. Even after birth, you can still apply for financial assistance. You may still be eligible for things such as loans, grants, and programs. Coverage includes certain necessities such as rent, utilities, medical bills, or even your phone bill. Your eligibility will depend on your current earnings and financial status.  

Ultimately, your options for post-placement care are vast. It is important to reiterate that you are not alone. Even if your normal support system does not help, that does not mean you have nobody. You can find your support group through the connections you make during this process. To say that you will ‘bounce back’ after birth is wrong and harmful to women. Resultantly, it is better to accept the reality that you will remain changed and stronger because of it.

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