Positive Adoption Language (PAL): What is the Difference Between “Give Up,” “Put Up,” and “Place” Baby for Adoption?

By Melissa Camacho

You are a birth mother choosing a Denver adoption in Colorado, and you want to have an understanding of related adoption terms or phrases. This helps to make your adoption experience better. In addition, you want to know what you are pursuing in your adoption journey, right? Adoption Choices of Colorado is a leading adoption agency that aims to educate birth mothers about the culture of adoption, including language. 

Learning Positive Adoption Language (PAL) helps birth mothers be secure about their adoption options. In the world of adoption, you hear familiar terms, such as “give up,” “put up,” and “place” your baby for adoption. We want to help you clarify what these terms mean in their context. While these terms serve the same purpose of surrendering your parental rights, not all implement a positive representation of adoption.

Practicing Positive Adoption Language (PAL)

Where Did the Term “Put Up” Baby for Adoption Originate From?

The term “put up” baby for adoption goes back to the orphan train movement during the mid-19th to 21st century. Orphans were placed in trains to be transported and adopted by adoptive families. If you say you are putting up a child for adoption, you are delivering your child to be cared for by another family. It is seen as a birth mother relinquishing her parental rights due to a lack of child support and other unforeseen circumstances. “Putting up” is not seen as panicking, quitting, or simply neglectful behavior.

Is Putting or Placing a Child for Adoption Giving up?

The most important thing to learn in the adoption community is that adoption is not “giving up .”You are not giving up. Rather you are placing your baby up for adoption. The term “giving up” sounds like a careless way to relinquish your parental rights. Adoption is a more responsible, caring, and loving act to surrender your parental rights to a caring adoptive family. That’s why we use a more positive terms like “place” your baby for adoption or “put up” your baby for adoption. Placing your baby for adoption is similar to “put up” and is technically more often referred to as creating an adoption plan.

How to Place Your Baby for Adoption

When you contact our adoption agencies in Colorado, you let an adoption professional know you will “place” your child for adoption. You will then be connected to an adoption specialist to meet virtually or discuss your options. This is where you decide whether you want an open-adoptionsemi-adoption, or closed-adoption. You choose an open-adoption to establish a relationship where you get as much contact with the adoptive family.

 If you want some level of contact while keeping your personal information secure, you choose a semi-adoption. A semi-adoption allows you to communicate with the adoptive family through a third party or adoption agency. To not want any communication with the adoptive family or your child, you will need a closed adoption.

In addition, you can discuss other resources to help you maneuver through the adoption processAdoption Choices of Colorado assists birth mothers in paying for monthly expenses, such as housing, transportation, medical, and food costs if eligible. We can also assist birth mothers experiencing homelessness as well. Our adoption professionals can help you find a safe and healthy home environment for your stay. Last but not least, we offer counseling services for birth mothers experiencing mental health issues.

Choosing an Adoptive Family in Colorado 

We can help you search for a responsible and caring adoptive family for your child. You can learn about different types of highly qualified adoptive families on our waiting families page. A home study will be conducted by a social worker. The social worker will perform background screenings on the adoptive family and review financial statements. This process is to ensure your child is placed in a safe, friendly, and healthy home environment.

Post Placement Support Services Available After Placing Your Child for Adoption 

On the second Monday of every month, our birth mothers are welcome to join our Post Placement support service program. We are understanding and empathetic towards a birth mother’s recovery after the adoption is finalized. In addition, we offer monthly support groups for birth mothers in need of coping with trauma from an unplanned pregnancy. Other extended benefits we offer include food, child care, and financial assistance. For more information, speak with your adoption specialist. Our adoption centers are located throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder.

Don’t be Ashamed to Place, Your Baby for Adoption Today!

Considering adoption in Colorado will ease your frustration and stress through childbirth. Our adoption professionals will guide you and lead you in the right direction to place your baby for adoption. We work to ensure our birth mothers feel comfortable and secure being part of the adoption community.

We embrace the culture of the adoption community by promoting all aspects of adoption awareness. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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