By now, you’re probably crunching the numbers and starting to get overwhelmed with all the things you should and shouldn’t be to save money during your unplanned pregnancy.

You may be feeling anxious and concerned about how you’re going to keep your head above water. But there are several ways you can plan and save, especially with access to resources that provide much-needed assistance for food, healthcare, housing and counseling.

Never fear, Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to help save the day! We know of several tips and tricks that will allow you to plan and save during your unplanned pregnancy. So, look below and see if there’s anything that you haven’t yet thought of, heard about or discovered while researching on your own.

Tips on How to Plan and Save

There are a million and one ways to save – none of which are right or wrong. Remember to, above all else, do what works best for you in regards to your situation and capability!


No one is good with numbers unless they work with them for a living. Here are a few bits and bobs that may seem unusual, but have a large impact in the long run. You can even utilize these tips past pregnancy and make them long-term lifestyle habits.

  • Create a budget – Keep track of your spending habits. Place all extra money in a piggy bank, and try to limit any unnecessary expenses. Eating out, going shopping and treating yourself occasionally is always ok. But, to maintain your budget, plan how much you can spend on those tasks each month.
  • Collect coupons – This is a great way to save money, especially on groceries! Go to your local grocery stores and see what coupons are available in their weekly or monthly ads. Take advantage of the deals you find, and join the store membership program. All of this can help you save money in the long run.
  • Have good health insurance – Your health, and that of your baby’s, is essential while pregnant. Make sure that you can get or have health insurance that provides you with all the coverage you need – doctor’s appointments, pre/postnatal care, prenatal exams and lab work, medications and labor costs.
  • Apply for Disability – See if you qualify for an FSA/HSA.
  • Find proper legal assistance – If you choose Adoption Choices of Colorado, we provide legal assistance throughout the entirety of your adoption journey!
  • Plan your maternity leave – Figure out when you are able to take time off work for doctor’s appointments and how long you can afford to be out for labor, delivery and recovery.
  • Get rid of your surplus – Selling any items you don’t need is another way to make extra money.


We’ve all got tricks up our sleeves on where to find the best shoes or the cheapest jeans. We even have our favorite clothing websites and stores. While pregnant, though, there’s a possibility you may feel pressure for your clothing to be mass-approved or brand new when it doesn’t have to be. There are many brands and stores (new and second-hand) that are local and support good causes, have several clothing options and utilize ideas on how to transform those hand-me-downs anew. Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy a belly band –  It will help you stay in your pre-pregnancy clothes longer, saving money so you don’t have to buy countless new maternity clothes.
  • Wait to buy maternity clothes – That is, until you really need them. You can even borrow or purchase them second-hand.

Community Ideas 

How to Plan and Save During Your Unplanned PregnancyBeing pregnant doesn’t mean you have to be alone. If you find yourself struggling and needing moral support, there are several community options available. Be sure to look for these in your local area.

  • Pregnancy classes – Community centers, by far, have affordable pregnancy classes.
  • Support groups – It’s okay to ask for help or find others to relate to who can help you through this time.

Other Resources

Adoption Choices of Colorado’s main goal is to support you and your journey during your unplanned pregnancy. We also aim to provide you with unlimited information and resources to answer your every question and concern.

In one of our past blogs, we discussed how we provide assistance to birth mothers. If you’re in need of assistance with food, healthcare, housing and counseling, be sure to check it out. You’ll find Colorado-specific programs ready to help you.

Planning and saving don’t have to be complicated. Placing your child for adoption is an intricate process and can be an emotional one, too. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want you to have as much support, love and care as possible. You deserve to feel confident every step of the way.

Adoption Choices of Colorado

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