Placing 2nd Baby for Adoption with the Same Adoptive Family: Same Family Adoption in Colorado  

A birth mother putting her first baby up for a Denver adoption that Adoption Choices of Colorado supports. We aid the birth mother in different forms, such as financially, mentally, and more. In doing so, we provide the birth mother’s adoptive parent profiles in order for her to pick the family she sees fit in raising her child. With being a private adoption agency, though, we help make sure that every decision is solely from the mother’s choice. In certain cases, birth mothers might face another unplanned pregnancy for the second time. There is no judgment here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we can help you place your child with a same family adoption. We understand unplanned pregnancies can happen more than once, and birth mothers should not feel ashamed when coming to ask for our help. Unplanned activities happen all the time throughout the universe on different occasions besides pregnancies.

Also, we sometimes have birth mothers who seek to have the same family adopt their second baby that adopted their first child. That is wise because the birth mother has a certain bond with that family prior to giving birth to their first child in certain scenarios. To add on, if a birth mother sees their first child prospering and safely in the custody of his/her adoptive parents, then having that family adopt her second child would be an easier process and choice.     

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Can I give my second baby to the same family that I gave my first baby to for adoption? 

Absolutely. Having gone through the process of adoption previously, a birth mother is more aware and knowledgeable about the necessary steps, documents, and more for the process. Through the help of Adoption Choices of Colorado, we can contact and enforce communication between a birth mother and the adoptive family of her firstborn. That is only if the birth mother no longer has contact with the adoptive family. If the birth mother’s first child had an open adoption plan, then the adoptive parents and birth mother kept communication through different forms. 

A birth mother can’t just ask the adoptive parents to adopt her second unborn over the phone with intact communication or not between both parties. Adoption is a process, as she would know from previously when she put her first baby up for adoption. Instead, she needs to go through the same adoption agency, such as Adoption Choices of Colorado, to communicate with the family. During the second time of adoption, communication is key between both parties, and Adoption Choices of Colorado can help and be a facilitator of such. 

Though birth mothers should know the family might not be willing to adopt their second child, and that is understandable. Unlike the first time they are not seeking to adopt a child, they are being asked, and it was not in their life plans to parent a second child. Their reasons can be different because they are at an age where they are no longer looking to parent any more children. Also, finances can depict the adoptive parents not being able to adopt the child due to not being able to afford to raise another child like the first.  

A birth mother shouldn’t feel down if the adoptive family won’t adopt her second child. That is the reason Adoption Choices of Colorado is here. We support and shall give resources to mothers for other potential adoptive families. We make sure to reassure her that the siblings being separated is nothing to worry about as long as the families are to provide and love their children. 

Am I a bad mother after putting two children up for adoption with the same family? 

Never. Unplanned pregnancies are frequent, and as said above, they can happen more than once, sometimes with precautions taken. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have mothers needing our assistance more than once, which we willingly and gladly fulfill. A birth mother should notice that instead of choosing other options such as an abortion, which we understand as well, she would rather her baby be raised and have a life with their sibling. That takes courage, and Adoption Choices of Colorado encourages and admires such notions. 

When a birth mother is seeking adoption a second time, she is not a bad mother. She is not a bad mother even the first time because putting your baby up for adoption shouldn’t condemn a birth mother’s perspective of herself.  

Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have resources if a mother is feeling saddened or negative thoughts about herself due to her adoption decision, first or the second time. 

Will, the adoption family that adopted my first baby see me as a burden if I ask them to adopt my second baby?

Birth mothers shouldn’t assume the adoptive family will judge or turn them away when asking for them to adopt their second child. 

If birth is having doubts about ways in which to start the discussion between herself and the family, Adoption Choices of Colorado can facilitate the conversation between the two families. We can ask questions the birth mother is fearing to ask, such as adopting the family adopting the second child. If the family goes through with adopting the child, we can assist, and the process will be less difficult and smoother than the first time. 

To be clear, Adoption Choices of Colorado does not see the birth mother as a burden. We are sure the family she is seeking to adopt her baby won’t as well with the history between both parties. 

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