The holiday season can cause a lot of anxiety in both adoptive parents and birth parents. Especially for those who are in newer open adoption agreements. Things are still fresh, and you’re getting to know each other. With all the other stress and emotions that come with the holiday season, this can become problematic.

However, Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to show you how to navigate your open adoption during the holidays. We want you to be able to enjoy this season together, and to build happy memories that will last a lifetime. After all, the holidays are all about bringing families together and creating special bonding moments.

Plan Holiday Celebrations Together

Imagine for a moment. One year ago, your child’s birth mother was pregnant. She was facing a very different future than she had imagined for herself, and trying to determine the best course of action. Negative opinions stemmed from her friends and family. She felt lost and alone. Her holiday season felt dark and hopeless.

But this year is better! Why? Because she made a plan of adoption and found you! She found a safe and loving home for her baby — now your son or daughter — and has the opportunity to watch him or her grow. So why not include her in your holiday celebrations? Invite her over for Thanksgiving dinner, or plan a special visit around Christmas. Consider starting a new tradition with her, as she will part of your son or daughter’s life now. This way, you all can continue to learn about each other, and she can renew her sense of joy during the holidays.

Choose to have a Great Time

Anxiety is a natural emotion to feel throughout the holiday season. After all, there is a lot going on. Family gatherings. Traditions. Shopping trips for gifts. It can fill up your calendar very quickly, heightening the feeling of stress and that there isn’t enough time to get everything done. If gone unchecked, your anxiety can cause you to get trapped in the details and forget what the holiday season is all about.

Yet, keep in mind that your child can sense your emotions. If you are stressed, that will affect his or her attitude as well. So, whenever possible, tell yourself that you’re going to have a good time. Then follow through with that. Smile. Laugh. Catch up with family and friends. Be thankful for the new addition to your family, and bask in the joy and support of everyone around you as they too welcome him or her into the fold. In the larger scheme of things, the details don’t matter. Making memories do. The holidays only come around once a year. Why not make them count?

Keep Your Child’s Best Interests at Heart

Studies have shown that adoptees who had access to all aspects of their origin and heritage developed a healthy sense of identity and self-esteem. They struggled less with who they were, and didn’t feel like a piece of them was missing. Instead, adoptees who had answers to their deep questions were happier and adjusted smoother. That’s why knowing how to navigate your open adoption during the holidays is so crucial. It’s essential that, no matter what you do, you keep your child’s best interests at heart. In other words, communicate with their birth family and coordinate a plan to celebrate together. By doing this, you are teaching your son or daughter about building meaningful relationships and showing them that your focus is on their well-being.

This may not be easy, but it’s vital to your child’s success in life. For his or her mental development and self-perception. You may be surprised at how much closer you bond with your child, and how much more trust he or she instills in you. Open adoptions, after all, are all about trust, mutual respect and strong healthy communication.

Navigate Your Open Adoption during the Holidays

Does the holiday season fill you with dread? Do you find yourself dragging your feet, and feel your heart pumping a little faster with stress the closer it comes? Decide right now that this holiday season will be better. Healthier. Memorable. Plan visits with your child’s birth family. Start new traditions. Choose to have a positive attitude.

By doing so, you are ensuring yourself and everyone else around you will have successful and happy holidays.

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